This was the original online invite for our wedding.

Jennifer and Mark are getting married!

Who? Where? When? What do I wear? What's to eat? Sunday Brunch?
Where can we stay? How do we get there? What's Montreal like? Are you registered?

On October 4th 2003, after being together for 5 years, being engaged for 3 years, and being re-engaged for 10 months, Mark and Jennifer are finally getting married.

Re-engaged?? Well, I originally proposed to Jennifer in December 1999, in Florence over pasta and a fine Rioja. Three years later, for various reasons, we were still just engaged, and I figured we had probably exceeded the statute of limitations on engagements. So on Christmas Eve, in front of a large contingent of Jen's family, I re-proposed. Jen re-said yes, hence we are re-engaged.


If you don't know us, you probably shouldn't be here. Nice of you to visit though. Contact us in one of the following ways:

  • Jen's Email:
  • Mark's Email:


The wedding will be in Montreal, at the McGill University Post-Graduate Students' Society building, David Thomson House. The full address is:

David Thomson House
3650 Rue McTavish

In 1935, the Gravel family commissioned J.J. Perrault to design a house for them on McTavish Street. It had a concrete frame and floors with a Montreal limestone exterior. The house has a cube structure with a simple, yet elegant facade. The interior is divided into many small rooms which are graced with carved details in wood, moulded plaster ceilings, and ornate fireplaces. This edifice was purchased by McGill in 1968 to serve as the Post-Graduate Students' Society. At this time the house was renamed to Thomson House after David L. Thomson, a dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and a founder of the Post-Graduate Students' Society which still occupies the house today.


The wedding will take place on October 4th 2003. The ceremony will begin at 4pm, followed by a meal and a big party which will end in the wee hours of the following morning.

Also, on the following day, we will be having a brunch at our house. Everyone is welcome to join us.

What should we wear?

The most important guideline is that you should wear clothes.

More specifically, this will not be a formal wedding, so no tuxedos or ballgowns required. We suggest 'cocktail dress' style, such as knee-length dresses for the women and suit and tie for the men, or vice versa if that's what you prefer.

If you want to wear a fancy hat, wear a fancy hat. If you don't want to wear a fancy hat, don't wear a fancy hat.

What will we be eating?

After the ceremony, we will sit down to a three course meal. The menu is yet to be finalised. If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact us with them.

Sunday Brunch?

Yes, we are having a Sunday Brunch the day after the wedding, beginning at 12pm at our house

To get to our house:

  • Car - Highway 20, take the Woodland exit, head South (opposite direction from the train station). Drive about 200 yards, we're on the right.
  • Bus - Take the 211 from Lionel Groux, which stops at the bottom of Woodland Avenue. Walk up the avenue about 300 yards, we're on the left.
  • Train - The commuter trains stop at Beaurepaire, get off there, walk South, we're on the right.

Where can we stay?

If you're coming from out of town, you will want somewhere to stay. One option that we like is the apartment hotels which line Sherbrooke and De Maisonneuve streets. An example of these is La Tour Belvedere which has very reasonable rates for suites which sleep from 2 to 6 people and have kitchenettes.

There are many websites specialising in hotel bookings, and it is worth shopping around. Room rates can vary quite a lot from site to site and can often be cheaper than the rate you get from the hotel directly. Here are some travel sites:

A few hotels that are close to the venue are:

How do we get there, and get around?

With the state of the air industry currently, it's difficult to offer any recommendations on air travel. All we can say right now is shop around and try different date combinations to find the cheapest price. Now that Air Canada has filed for bankruptcy protection it could be that they will reduce their fares, but that is by no means guaranteed!

Once you're in Montreal, it is very easy to get around. The Metro is cheap and convenient, the bus system is superb, and there are always plenty of taxis. To get to the venue we suggest taking a cab.

Thompson House is located above the main McGill campus. The easiest way to get there is by taxi. The one-way system around there is a little crazy, so give the taxi driver the address, and tell them to 'go up Peel'. That's very important, if he goes up McTavish from downtown he'll hit a dead end. If he still needs more details, tell him it's between Dr Penfield and Pine.

What's Montreal like?

OK, so we're biased, but Montreal is a very cool city. October is a fairly quiet time of year but it is still warm enough to get out and about. It is a time of fall colour (the autumnal colours around Montreal have to be seen to be believed). There are many excellent restaurants, bistros and bars. Old Montreal, the historic part of town, has beautiful architecture, including the Notre Dame Basilica, the science centre, the old port and lots of really bad souvenir shops.

More places of interest coming here soon...

Are you registered?

A couple of people have asked us if we have a gift registry. The most important gift to us is that you be there to share the day with us. However if you feel you wish to give something, we have listed some charities below and we would be honoured if they received donations on our behalf.

The charities we are interested in are:

We have also registered at The Bay.