Bring Northern Exposure Back To The UK!

Apparently ITV 2 have started showing re-runs of Northern Exposure in the UK. So my job here seems to be done. I'll keep this page around for reference, but the campaign is over, with a succesful conclusion!


Here is the response I received from the BBC:
Thank you for your suggestion.
I will forward it to the appropriate department.


Channel 4 also have a forum, which has had many Northern Exposure threads on it with posts from several hundred people. C4 staff have told us that they have no plans to repurchase the rights to this programme, even though it was a flagship programme for them. Maybe the new owners of C4 will be more interested. This is the very latest, and most useful response from C4 so far:
The reason that Northern Exposure is not coming back to Channel 4 is that we no longer hold the rights. The series comes from MCA whose parent company own the Sci-Fi Channel and will be opening a new channel shortly on which they may want to show Northern Exposure. We have new American drama series coming our way all the time many of which will be suitable for the old Northern Exposure timeslot. We do not have limitless resources or airtime and want to give our viewers a chance to see as much of the new drama coming through as possible. We are not ruling out reshowing Northern Exposure as it is a classic series, but if we do it will not happen in the forseeable future as we feel that it is too soon, but who knows what could happen in the long term.

You should write direct to our Film Buyer's department if you want to ask more questions, but I'm afraid you will receive the same answers as we have already given.

The 'people in power' are actually engaged during the day in running a terrestrial television channel and are very busy.

I hope this answer helps you in some way, maybe you would like to contact MCA and see what they are planning to do with the series in this country.


Here is the response from C5:
Our ref: 003532ld
(Please quote this reference in any future correspondence)
Dear Mr Styles
As you are aware, Channel 5 does not currently hold the rights to the series
NORTHERN EXPOSURE but I have passed your suggestion to the Acquisitions and Planning Department for their consideration.
I hope you are enjoying the programmes and films already showing on our channel.
Thank you for your interest in Channel 5
Yours sincerely
Duty Officer
Channel 5 Duty Office


Here is the response from ITV:
Dear Mark
Thank you for your recent letter about Northern Exposure.
Unfortunately, at the moment ITV has no plans to purchase the
rights to the show but I have passed your comments on to the
appropriate ITV executives for their attention.
Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your comments.
Currently, the rights to Northern Exposure in the UK are held by MCA. I haven't been able to find an email address for them, but here is a snail mail address (I haven't received a response yet):

MCA Television,
1 Hamilton Mews,
W1V 9FF.