My first serious addiction on the internet was the ChatGames Forum, where I have played many many quizzes, and hosted almost as many. The games are fun, and you won’t find a nicer bunch of people. To find out more, and download the special GamerX chat client for free, you can visit the official ChatGames Website. This page is dedicated to photographs of the various chatgames meets that I have attended.


Boudicca, aka Mel, arranged a most excellent meet in her home town of Nottingham. Here are some photo’s from that one (none of Mel, she won’t let me <sigh>):

  • Kel
  • Simon
  • Notts
  • Kel
  • CPFC
  • Gren

Las Vegas

I was lucky enough to be able to travel across the pond to meet a great crowd at the Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, followed by a drive with Anydots (Jen) to the Grand Canyon. More pics, of course:

  • The Rio
  • Breakfast
  • Spam
  • Our Car
  • Our Car
  • Grand Canyon
  • Grand Canyon

There have been more Vegas meets since then, but unfortunately I’ve been unable to be there. Maybe the next one!

Daresbury Mad Hatter’s Tequila Party

Hotel manager Dickie_Gray was kind enough to offer the triviots preferential  rates at the Daresbury Park Hotel in Daresbury, birthplace of Lewis Carroll. Two nights of drunken debauchery ensued and an extremely good time was had by all!

Stella the kittie woman braved a transatlantic flight to join us Brits, who’s number included Dickie, Jim & Lynne, Kel, Davey & Zoe, Will, Neil & Sue, Heather, Imelda, Graeme, Kevin, and me!

When I find time to spend a day scanning, I’ll add photos from Daresbury II. We also had Daresbury III happening on 21st November, and my own housewarming on 14th November!

  • Graeme Boddy, enjoying a beer after arriving a day late (imagine putting work before a pubmeet, someone should sort out his priorities for him! ;-)).
  • Kevin (EricTheHalfaBee), umm, don’t really know what he’s doing, but it looks like he’s having fun anyway.
  • Neil, with belt around neck and trousers around ankles (don’t ask).
  • Davey Brown, getting stitched up on stage after we told the DJ it was his birthday (this was at somebody else’s disco!)
  • Heather, Sue & Neil (what is he doing with that balloon?). Oh, and if you look carefully, you’ll see a guy standing at the bar… wonder who that could be?
  • Davey, trying to put a brave face on it.
  • Aaahh, innit sweet?
  • A very rare sight, Kel consuming solid food! I think Davey is asking for one beer.
  • Will, shortly before changing into his Spice Girl outfit.
  • Party time!
  • Imelda and Sue, revealing that they know all the moves to the Macarena (some people would call them sad, but not me, I’m too polite).
  • Neil, being unpleasant.

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