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The Cupboard; Finally

The CupboardAlmost a year ago I started my foray into woodworking. My big project was the cupboard, which has been sitting in an almost finished state in the basement for several months.

I decided I wanted to have it on display for Xmas so I got to work finishing it. It didn’t take much; some bead board on the back and a knob on the front. It still needs a catch on the inside but the door stays closed without it so that can wait.

The frame of the cupboard is put together using dovetail joints and the inside shelves are in groove joints. The decorative detailing around the top was done with a router. The reveals at the bottom with a jigsaw. The door has two raised panels, raised with a table saw. The whole thing is painted with milk paint followed by a coat of linseed oil and some antique wax.

Click on the picture for the big version.

It’s a stepping stool!

Last night I finished all the cutting for my shaker style step stool and glued it all together. My dovetail joints were satisfyingly tight and everything came out more or less square and looking as it should. After leaving it in vices for an hour it was glued enough to take it home, gently.

I showed Jen, and she was quite impressed. Obviously it’s not finished yet, it still needs sanding and tidying up and finishing, but it does look like a step stool. Then we had this conversation, which is the perfect illustration of men and women being very different:

Me: So what do you think?
Jen: I like it. Maybe we can put plants on it.
Me: It’s a step stool! It’s for stepping on. You can use it to reach the high stuff in the kitchen.
Jen: Yeah… or I could put plants on it.
Me: ok then.

The Mallet

malletWe finished the mallet project in my woodworking class last night. The “homework” last week was to sand it to 200 grit, then the final step last night was to give it a couple of coats of linseed oil. I think it looks pretty damn good for something made by a complete novice.

We’re now working on a box for the sharpening stone, which is surprisingly quick and easy. Next week we’re starting on the major project, a Shaker style step stool. It’s off to Reno Depot at the weekend to buy my wood.