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A strange and scary night

Tuesday night was a scary one. First of all we encountered a strange hound whose terrifying howls sent me into a blind panic. Out of my senses, I ran in the opposite direction to the howls, smashing into a door and scrabbling at the handle until I got it open. As I was running through the door I caught sight of something very ugly with tentacles out of the corner of my eye but I was still too panic-stricken to react. Suddenly my entire body went rigid and I collapsed to the floor.

Having recovered from my paralysis and panic and discovering my party had quickly dispatched the ugly tentacle thing we continued onwards, only to be set upon by two very unpleasant lions. While trying to avoid those nasty claws, a massive spider suddenly blinked into existance next to me. In a panic I started casting a spell but before I could complete it the spider had sunk its fangs into me and I felt poison coursing through my veins. Before my colleagues managed to kill the nasty arachnid it had bitten me once more.

I was very close to death and still badly poisoned. Luckily we managed to make our way to the swamp to get help and healing from the lizardmen. Free from the poison I was able to sleep un-interrupted for 24 hours thanks to the protection of Antonio and Nedgie. The following day I was able to restore myself to full health.

That was a close one.