The House

Eight years ago we said we would never buy another house.

Two years ago we bought another house. So much for that.

The good news is we didn’t make the same mistakes as last time: we didn’t buy a house too big to manage. Instead we bought a tiny house, almost TARDIS like in its proportions. We also didn’t go back to the burbs, we’re still close enough to downtown to have a nearby Metro station and it only takes me 30 minutes to get to work.

The bad news is we bought it while we still had 9 months left  on our apartment lease, and were unable to find anyone to sub-let it. We’re still recovering from paying rent and a mortgage for that time.  We live, we learn. It did mean we could take our time moving though.

It’s nice to be back in a house again. No more landlords to deal with, none of the constraints of apartment living. We have front and back yards, a deck, a place to barbecue, a nice kitchen and enough space for a family of three. The boy can play his drums with impunity and I can turn the TV up whenever I want.

We’ll never rent again…

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