The Gaming

My biggest hobby has become gaming. Not so much video gaming any more but table top gaming.

Every Monday night for the past 9 years I’ve been getting together with five other guys (there was a woman too but she “retired”) to play Dungeons and Dragons. We currently play 3.5 edition but we’re switching to 5th soon.

There are two campaigns running in parallel, one set in a world of undead where I play a gnome rogue called Garwicket, and the other set in a more mixed world where I played a fighter called Hunter, until he got eaten.

On top of that I’ve started a Pathfinder campaign with some of the kids at the boy’s homeschooling centre. It’s my first experience in being a Game Master and so far it’s going very well, although managing 7 kids all under 12 can be a little chaotic.

When I’m not playing RPGs I also play Magic: The Gathering, which is an expensive hobby but I’ve tried to keep my card purchasing to a minimum. We mostly play the Commander variant these days.

We also play the occasional board game, like Small World, Pandemic, Game of Thrones, Lords of Waterdeep and of course trusty old Settlers of Catan. I watch Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop to keep on top of new and interesting games.

So far the boy hasn’t been hugely into gaming but I’m hoping he’ll get more involved as he gets older. He does play Small World and Pandemic with me sometimes but he’s not quite ready for Pathfinder, and didn’t enjoy Magic: The Gathering when I tried to teach him.

Gaming is a great way to blow off some steam and get away from computers for a few hours and a great way for someone who isn’t particularly social to interact with people, so perfect for me.

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