The Boy

The boy is 9 and a half. How did that happen? A few months ago he was just a toddler, and now he’s almost in double digits. I’m suspecting some kind of weird time dilation effect.

He is a strange boy in many ways.

He loves to read and draw comic strips; his favourites are Get Fuzzy, Bloom County and Dilbert. He also reads The OatmealĀ  and XKCD when he thinks we aren’t looking. His own creations include Jake The Runner, a character he imagines running beside the car whenever we are on car journeys.

He’s a Communist with Marxist tendencies who believes in equal rights for everyone, including kids. Especially kids. He’s scared of the KKK and spent some time researching them on Wikipedia. He sent some of his allowance money to a trans-gender kid who didn’t have enough money to change their name. He worries that a lady in one of our neighbouring houses works too hard because he always sees her gardening.

He knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and has written many web-pages and games on Khan Academy including pages on non-discrimination and how Canada invented maple syrup. He also wanted his own website so he now has one on my sooper-sekret server. Of course he also loves video games, including MineCraft, Terraria, Crossy Road, My Singing Monsters and Geometry Dash.

He’s only just learned to ride a bike, but he basically just got straight on and started riding. When he’s not on his bike he’s on his scooter. He hasn’t learned to swim yet but he loves the pool, water parks and splash pads. Hates the shower though. Really really hates the shower.

He watches too much tv, but he’s only allowed to watch French tv during the week which keeps him bilingual and assuages our guilt a little. He loves Doctor Who, tolerates Northern Exposure because he knows I love it, and also enjoys Atlantis, The Simpsons, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, and various weird old British stuff I’ve introduced him to.

Overall he’s a fantastic kid. Quirky and geeky but also warm, caring and thoughtful. So far he hasn’t turned into an asshole so I guess we must be doing something right.

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