The Biking

In an attempt to be more active and get vaguely into shape I’ve taken up biking again. I used to bike to work, but it’s a little bit too far now and I’m afraid of having another bike stolen.  So as I get a fair amount of time off in the summer I’ve opted for leisure biking.

My first couple of rides were along the canal, one as far as our old Condo, about 10km, and one to Parc René-Lévesque, about 20km.

My next ride took me to Dorval, which was 30km with a strong headwind on the way out there. That was on St Jean Baptiste day so I saw all the celebratory events being set up and got myself a Fleur de Lis flag.

For my last ride I decided to head in a different direction. Out on Nun’s Island there’s an entrance on a bike path that goes out onto the “Ice Control Structure” in the St Lawrence. It’s a long straight path, and despite crazy swarms of bugs I managed to make it a 40km ride. I stopped about halfway around the structure and found a nice log by the river to sit on and rest before heading back.

My next destination will probably be Beaconsfield and I’m hoping to get up to 100km by the end of the summer. Looking around for somewhere 50km away I came across Oka, so that’s where I hope to end up.

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