Canadian Thanksgiving

Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, so it was time to head for the country. We picked up Granny (she’s 96 you know) on Sunday morning and drove up to the Laurentians with Aidan chattering away the whole time. It was a perfect Autumn day: clear blue skies, crisp clean air, not too cold, not too hot and the trees were showing off their Fall colours in style.

When we arrived Aidan went off to pick arugula with his Grandma (Bama) before we sat down to a nice lunch of cheese and crackers and salad. After that it was time for Aidan to go inspect the chickens, the rabbits, the “Big Bird”, the pond, the tiny pumpkin, Ricky’s homemade smoker where the turkey was smoking away, the new shed, and the garden hose. Thankfully I managed to avoid the wild sprayings of the hose.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing scrabble with Granny and Bama while Aidan climbed in and out of the toybox. Then it was time for the big event, Thanksgiving Dinner. We had smoked turkey, roasted potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, some mashed turnip, sausage stuffing and turkey gravy, all washed down with some fine wine and a little bit of ‘shine. That delicious main course was followed up with the obligatory and equally delicious pumpkin pie.

I collapsed on the sofa for the remainder of the evening, clutching my engorged belly and enjoying the roaring fire before giving in and going to bed early (I’d stayed up late the night before to watch the Japanese Grand Prix). The next morning Aidan helped Ricky make pancakes which we devoured with maple syrup, bacon and tea before heading back into the Little Smoke (well Toronto is the Big Smoke).

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