The Sid and Patty Show

Patty, Aidan and Sid
Patty, Aidan and Sid

Yesterday we headed out to a downtown theatre with Aidan, his Bama and his bunny to see Patty and Sid on tour. Patty and Sid are the presenters of Kids CBC, a commercial free selection of shows for pre-schoolers shown every morning between 7 and 11.

Patty and Sid were joined on stage by Curious George and Bo from Bo on the Go and on video (presumably live via satellite) by Drumheller, the skeletal dinosaur from Alberta, Mama Yama, the animated yam/penis from Ontario, Saumon the french-speaking salmon from Quebec and Captain Claw, the old sea-dog lobster from Nova Scotia. Hilarity ensued as they collected the necessary pieces for Curious George’s surprise birthday party.

Aidan was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing, but still had a good time, and started getting really into it about 5 minutes before it finished. After that we lined up (luckily close to the start of the very long line) to meet Sid, Patty, George and Bo. When it was Aidan’s turn, he started by telling Sid and Patty about “Kerry and John’s Birthday Party” before eventually sitting down for a photo. Meeting Curious George had a slightly different effect though, involving Aidan cowering on the floor in terror. I managed to get him onto my lap for a photo with George and Bo, but his face was buried in my shoulder. The traumas we put our kids through.

Aidan has been talking about Sid and Patty ever since, including to the waiter at dinner last night. I guess they made an impression.

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