The Vacation – Part Two

Aidan probably enjoyed himself more than anyone else during our week in PEI. He loved the beach and became most indignant if we tried to take him away from it. He also loved the garden around the cottage and running around in the cottage itself. He loved spending time with his grandma (“Bama”) and grandpa (“Ricky”) and even warmed to his cousins (“Limon” and “Aladar”).

He loved hunting for crabs and snails:

Aidan crab hunting

He loved playing in the sand:

Aidan in the sand Aidan sitting in the sand

He loved UFO spotting:

Aidan and the UFO Aidan pointing

He enjoyed shopping for second hand clothes at Frenchies:

Aidan shopping

He also liked taking naps in unusual places:

Aidan in a cupboard

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