The Vacation – Part One

Having returned from a very pleasurable vacation, it’s time to bore anyone reading this with all the intimate details. This week will be all vacation blogging, so you’re pre-warned and can hit that ‘Mark all as read’ button without thinking.

The first week of our vacation was to be spent at a cottage on Prince Edward Island. We would be staying there with Jen’s mum and stepdad and her brother and his family. We were all driving there, in three different cars, us with Aidan in the back, Jen’s brother with a three year old and a five month old in the back, and Jen’s parents with a big pile of food and alcohol in the back.

Because we had no idea how Aidan would cope with 12 hours of driving, we decided to split it over two days. He fared surprisingly well on the first day and we made it to Fredericton before he started getting really cranky. We found a very reasonable Comfort Inn and settled down for the night. The next morning we got our first sign that we were in the Maritimes:


The second day of driving was much shorter, which made Aidan very happy:

Aidan Happy

At around lunchtime we reached Confederation Bridge, a 12.9km bridge across the Northumberland Strait between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. It’s an amazing thing to see, photos just don’t do it justice:

Confederation Bridge

After crossing the bridge it was less than ten minutes to our cottage. We were first to arrive, greeted by the property manager who showed us around the property and introduced us to our beach. Everyone else showed up shortly after that and our vacation began.

The Cottage

One thought on “The Vacation – Part One”

  1. As a Maritimer, the very idea of “McLobster” deeply offends me. “100% Atlantic Lobster Meat,” me arse! That could mean anything, and is certainly no guarantee that it’s local. Much better to avail yourself of one of dozens of lunch counters that offer up the real deal and avoid this McImposter and its sweet, rich, tasty, affordably priced meat.

    Glad you had a good time, though. PEI is great place to slow down and not do much of anything in particular for a while.

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