The Vacation – Part Four

After our week in PEI, it was time to hit the road for the second week. We drove east along the south coast of PEI to Wood Island which is where the ferry to Nova Scotia leaves from. We had reservations for the 1pm ferry, and got there in plenty of time. Dan and Susan were supposed to get the next ferry, but they ended up on ours, giving Aidan a bit of a surprise. We settled down for the 75 minute journey, listening to a newfie guy singing depressing sea shanties. They even depressed Aidan:

Aidan on the boat

Once we arrived in Caribou, Nova Scotia it was time to drive again, heading south to Halifax. After driving around the city for a while looking for a decent hotel, we ended up at the Waverly, an old and unique hotel decorated in the brothel style:

Waverly Hotel

We dumped our stuff and went out wandering. From the drive in I already knew I liked the city, but walking showed me its full charm. It feels cozy, vibrant and cosmopolitan, like a smaller version of Montreal. There are now three Canadian cities I would be very happy living in. I’m looking forward to having a longer vacation there.

Walking around the waterfront we spotted one of Aidan’s favourite TV celebrities, so we had to take advantage of the photo opportunity:

Theodore Tugboat

After that we went for a seafood dinner at Salty’s Restaurant with an old friend of Jen’s before retiring for the evening.

Sadly we had to leave Halifax the next day to embark on the long journey to Maine. The state is not only a shortcut back to Montreal, it’s also a shopping mecca, which is why Jen wanted to go there. We drove back up through Nova Scotia into New Brunswick and through Saint John to the border then down to Bangor, Maine.

The choice of hotels in Bangor is limited to say the least, and because it was getting late we ended up at a very crappy Comfort Inn, which became our base as we spent the next two days exploring the huge mall complex. Jen bought lots of scrapbooking stuff, I bought The Dangerous Book For Boys and Aidan got some clothes and books out of the deal.

Aidan got sick in Maine, and gave the cold to me when we got home, so not the perfect end to a vacation, but the rest of it made it all worthwhile.

5 thoughts on “The Vacation – Part Four”

  1. “Through St John to the border”? There’s no such city in New Brunswick. It’s something people from Saint John (like myself) are quite picky about, less anybody think we’re that much closer to being in Newfoundland.

  2. Most people don’t realise it since they usually don’t have to distinguish between St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Saint John, New Brunswick, but to me abbreviating the Saint in the latter is as bad as writing Noo York or Hong Cong.

  3. I guess I might chime in, being from Saint John and all. Officially, the “Saint” is never abbreviated but this was deliberately done by the city a few decades back to avoid confusion with our Newfoundland counterpart. It wasn’t always so and there are plenty of official references to the city using the abbreviation. As the area was originally mapped by Samuel du Champlain on June 24, the area was known as “St-Jean,” so it stands to reason when translating into English that the abbreviation is kept,

    There was never any “official” spelling until the modern “NO ST.” rule came into effect.

    Despite spelling out the name, people still board airplanes, bound for Newfoundland and end up in New Brunswick because they can’t read maps.

  4. That very nearly happened to me. I was just finishing checking in when I noticed the lady at the counter was strapping something onto my bag that did not say YSJ. Had I been looking in another direction when she did it, it’s quite likely I would have found myself in Newfoundland instead of New Brunswick.

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