Invasion of the Nss

My brother-in-law, his wife and two kids arrived on Friday evening to spend the week here in Montreal before we all drive to Prince Edward Island next weekend. This arrival was a bit of a shock for Aidan, who has never had to deal with a rambunctious three year old before. There were tears and pouty faces but overall the encounter went well.

We went out for breakfast on Saturday morning, followed by a trip to the park which made all the kids very happy, including the grown-up ones. Simon and Aidan played well together on the climbing frame, slide and swings and their were no tears or injuries.

I spent the rest of Saturday cooking. I’d planned to make braised short ribs, but the butcher was all out of short ribs so we ended up with a joint of beef, braised in red wine, tomatoes and herbs until it literally fell apart with some gentle pressure from my knife. I served the beef on garlic mashed potato with roasted asparagus and braised leeks. I made a gremolata too but forgot to use it.

Yesterday we all went to see the great-grandmother, a rare gathering of all four generations which made great granny very happy.

The invaders left for the country for a couple of days after that, giving Aidan a chance to get his whelmed status a bit lower before they return on Tuesday.

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