The Vacation

I’m back at work after 11 days off which only cost me 3 days vacation. I love long weekends. We didn’t do as much as we wanted and the time went way too quickly but it was still relaxing and very pleasant. Here are some highlights:

  • ¬†We went to the country for a seven year old’s birthday party where we ate hotdogs and burgers and Aidan had his first paddle in a pond (which he called a bath (well actually “bar” but we knew what he meant))
  • We bought some furniture for our new apartment but we still don’t have a dining room table or chairs.
  • We got ourselves a new mattress after a very scientific day of testing.
  • We ate way too much take-out food. And yes, Sushi Moushi do make exceedingly good sushi.
  • We tidied the apartment then messed it up again then tidied it again then messed it up again.
  • We went to another birthday party, this time for a five year old, where we ate hotdogs and burgers and Aidan had his first “swim” in a pool (which he called a bath). It’s a stretch to call it a swim as he clung to me the whole time.
  • We planned to go to the Ecomuseum and to Body Worlds but we never made it to either. It is going to happen though!

It’s a little depressing to be back at work, but at least I have tonight’s pub quiz at Hurley’s to look forward to.

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