Mother knows best?

In many cases the old saying is true, mother probably does know best. There are times when that is not the case though, especially where medical expertise is involved.

Why do parents feel they are more qualified than doctors when determining health treatments for their child? Every time a parent does this, they are putting their child at risk; in cases like the one happening now in Quebec, it is a fatal risk.

Three year old Anael L’EspĂ©rance-Nascimento has cancer cells in his brain and bone marrow. His doctors say he needs chemotherapy but of course his parents know better. Instead they plan to feed him organic vegetables to make him better. I’m sure eating organic vegetables is a good thing, but it won’t kill cancer cells, he needs the chemo! Yes, it’ll make him sick, yes, it’ll be horrible for everyone involved, but in the long run it could save his life. Organic vegetables won’t.

This sad story has two saving graces; firstly, organic vegetables are better than some of the very dubious alternative therapies they could have considered, and secondly Anael’s mother has said that if he doesn’t improve they will consider chemotherapy. I hope they don’t wait too long.

5 thoughts on “Mother knows best?”

  1. I would have to assume you are a pharmaceutical doctor (and I say “pharmaceutical” to differentiate you from holistic, Chinese, or traditional doctors, so as to highlight the difference between those and doctors who have obtained medical degrees to support the pharmaceutical industry). If you did multiple-source research, you would find out that natural remedies to cancer (when done properly) are more effective than the Western “drugs&radiation” approach. Personally, I applaud the mother and so should you!

    P.S. Why do you think doctors know better than the parents? And consider this: how many breasts have been lost to mastectomies that could have been saved if the women took matters into their own hands.

  2. Please cite the peer-reviewed scientific studies which show that “natural remedies to cancer (when done properly) are more effective than the Western ‘drugs&radiation’ approach.”, I’m sure there are many doctors who would love to see them.

  3. Hmmm that’s not good at all, and a prime example of when doctors are right, but sometimes Mothers are right. When I was 3 months old, I became very ill. My ma took me to see the doctor who said I had a cold and sent me away.

    My ma knew it was something else and took me to hospital, demanding to be seen. It turns out I had bacterial meningitis. My mum was told it was unlikely that I would make it, and if I did I would likely suffer severe brain damage.

    She sat by my bed, day and night and knitted me a jumper, she said she knew I would make it and I did, with no adverse side affects.

    Doctors should always be taken completely seriously, but sometimes, a Mothers’ intuition is right. Mine saved my life.

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