Another year, another sushi dinner

Today I turn *mumbly mumble*. Birthdays on a Tuesday are no fun, so most of the celebrating happened at the weekend, when we went up to the country for Mother’s Day.

It was Aidan’s first trip to the country and he was so filled with delight about the whole experience that he burst into spontaneous unprovoked laughter several times. There is no better sound than a toddlers laughter.

After frolicking in the garden we retired to the house for a delicious lunch of home-made rolls filled with pulled pork made by Richard and a greek salad made by Elisabeth. That was followed by an enormous carrot cake with not enough candles on, which was fine by me.

Lunch was wrapped up with some unwrapping. Two gifts from Elisabeth and Richard, a copy of Christopher Hitchen’s “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything” which promises to be a fun read, and a pi plate. Yes, I spelled pi correctly.

Last night we had a sushi dinner as a belated mothers day and early birthday meal and tonight I have an evening of gaming to enjoy.

I also got a big bag of boxers from Jen. I’m wearing the pink ones today. And I can’t believe I just blogged that.

4 thoughts on “Another year, another sushi dinner”

  1. Happy Birthday – now onto important things [only joking] – what is pulled pork? Heard you mention it before and it sounds a bit good!

  2. Pulled pork is a joint of pork, usually a shoulder or boston butt, tenderized and flavoured with a dry rub and cooked at a very low heat for a very long time until it can literally be pulled apart and shredded with ease. The shredded pork is then usually moistened up with an apple vinegar based sauce.

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