Well that didn’t last long

One more annoyance about being a cyclist in Montreal is having your bike stolen on its first day out of the basement.

To the thieves: Thanks for carefully removing both my locks, relocking them and leaving them on the ground for me to find when I got out of work. Wankers.

6 thoughts on “Well that didn’t last long”

  1. Oh crap. Is this your first bike theft? The rule in Montreal is that you’ll get it stolen once. I’m hoping this is true, because I like my current bike. My last one was stolen off the street (I had a feeling) but the thieves were kind enough to leave me my snipped lock, how sweet. I wished Syphilis on them.

  2. Dude, that sucks. It always seems to happen either on the first day of bike season or the week you purchase the new bike, as happened to my brother.

  3. Actually it’s the second time I’ve had a bike stolen; the first time was years ago though, back in England. Maybe it only happens once per country!

    It seems I have a choice, buy a nice bike that’s comfortable to ride and risk it being stolen or buy a crappy, ugly, uncomfortable bike that thieves won’t be interested in.

  4. I’d go with the latter, Canadian Tire style, otherwise, as you say, you run the risk of spending a lot of money on a thief’s future ride.

  5. @John, I don’t think the thief is going to keep that bike very long. Last one I had that was stolen, it was a long time ago (haven’t had a bike for years though) while I was on the job, as a bike courrier. I’d suggest a crappy bike too, if you want to keep it for any lenght of time. Or maybe one of those locks that comes with a garantee for a new bike.

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