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Over the Easter weekend we removed the piles of junk that have been sitting on our bed since we moved in, and got our bedroom in a functional state. It hadn’t been in a functional state before that because we had been sleeping in Aidan’s room so he could come join us when he tired of his crib (which was usually at about 2am). We decided it was time to abandon Aidan to his room and reclaim our own. We nervously went to bed on the first night fully expecting it to be a very sleepless night but surprisingly Aidan slept through to 6:30 the next morning. He has done the same every night since then.

All that preamble is to say we can read again! I’m reading a book. For the first time in, ooh, about 16 months. After rifling through our bookshelves for a while I finally decided on The Naming of the Dead by Ian Rankin. Jen got it for Christmas (thanks Kim!) but I’m temporarily stealing it. I’m not a big fan of crime and mystery books but I have enjoyed the Rebus novels and this one adds an extra dimension by being set against the recent G8/Live 8 happenings. No mention of the Canadian concert so far though…

I never thought of reading in bed as a luxury but for now it is, and one I’m very much enjoying.

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  1. You should give Robin Hobb – The Farseers Trology, followed by The Tawny Man [same author, the books follow on].

    I read it years ago, my other half has read it and loved it, infact she is taking them on holiday in a few months to read again.

    I’m gonna start to read again tonight.

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