The Big Move

On Thursday we were still casually packing stuff in a fairly calm and organised manner. On Friday we realised that moving day was fast approaching and things got a little more panicky. On Saturday we were running around throwing stuff in boxes and making a couple of trips to the new place to free up space (and reclaim some boxes for repacking). By Sunday we were packing like maniacs, throwing anything into whatever box we could find with no more thought to organisation or labelling.

On Monday the movers arrived. We were still packing. We made some piles of stuff “we would take care of” and told them to take the rest. They were loaded up in 3 hours and unloaded at the other end just as quickly. We went back to the house to finish packing.  Another trip with three cars and we still didn’t have everything out.

Tuesday, Jen went and cleaned and picked up more stuff. Richard filled his truck once more. There were still the plants left.

Wednesday, Jen got the plants, the house was finally empty. Not as clean as we would’ve liked but at least it was empty.

Now we have an apartment full of boxes, filled with stuff that we have no idea what we’re going to do with. Half the boxes are either unlabelled or labelled wrongly. I think we’ll be unpacking for a while…

But we have a useable living room and kitchen and a place to sleep, so life is good. Walking to work is a joy (walking home again, not so much) and being able to walk to the supermarket is equally joyous.

We’re never moving again (just like we said three years ago).

7 thoughts on “The Big Move”

  1. Or, you could start a whole new decorating theme, using boxes as furniture.
    Give it a fancy name, like, um…”Transitory residential deconstructionism”, then sell the idea to some design magazine, they come take pictures and pay you THOUSANDS of dollars.

    But yeah, it’s amazing how ‘stuff’ seems to grow and multipy when moving.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot to mention Kerry, who saved us by helping Jen get the last of the stuff and clean up a bit yesterday. Thanks Kerry!

    I’m calling Style At Home about TRD first thing tomorrow.

  3. Goodness. We recently moved because of my parents’ divorce. I didn’t like packing up. It’s amazing how much junk you can collect throughout the years. Unpacking is tough too. I have no idea why I’m stating the obvious :D. At least half the ride is over with, have fun unpacking and figuring things out 😛

    you’ve been tagged. See my blog. And thanks for the birthday wish (I know my thank you is delayed lol)

  4. Oooh I’m sending you a virtual potted plant as a housewarming gift. :) Welcome back to civilisation!

    Can you please send me your new address? Thx!

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