Valentine and Pasta

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. If that causes surprise, you’re either single or in big trouble.

I dashed to the florist on the way home, dashing past Blork in Place Ville-Marie, who was dashing in the opposite direction carrying his own bouquet of flowers. The florist was manic, but I finally managed to get a dozen tulips (Jen’s favourite) and headed home with flowers in one hand and President’s Choice Tiramisu (also one of Jen’s favourites) in the other.

At home I presented the flowers to Jen along with a card from me and a card from Aidan. In return I got a hug, a card from Aidan and three cards from Jen. After getting Aidan fed and washed and into his pyjamas it was time to prepare dinner while Jen rocked the boy to sleep.

Dinner was going to be pasta with smoked salmon (yet another favourite of Jen’s) and asparagus. Here’s my recipe:

Snap the asparagus and put it in a hot oven on a baking tray. Put a large pot of water on to boil and a frying pan to heat up. Chop an onion and some celery and fry them until they start to soften. Put the pasta (I chose linguine) into the boiling water. Add some capers to the celery and onion and continue to fry. Chop up the smoked salmon and a bunch of dill. When the pasta is almost done, add the asparagus, salmon and dill to the frying pan along with a few dollops of yoghurt or cream; mix well. Drain the pasta and toss with everything else. Serve with fresh italian bread and a good red wine.

The rest of the evening was spent watching TV, because we’re sad like that and we don’t care.

5 thoughts on “Valentine and Pasta”

  1. Sounds like a right fancy version of what John cooked for me.
    He made me a kick-ass shrimp alfredo. I gave him some M. Felix & Mr. Norton cookies. We show our love by making eachother fatter.

    Then, like you, we plonked our arses down in front of the TV.

    It’s not sad. It’s comfy.

  2. This is converging so weirdly — I feel like we’re all in an episode of Lost.

    I say that because first, you saw me but I didn’t see you (sorry). Then you made linguini with smoked salmon, John made (presumably) fettucini with shrimps, and I made linguini with shrimps (in a spicy tomato sauce). Whoa! Convergence!

    It would have been better, of course, if I had seen John but he didn’t see me, and John had seen you but you didn’t see him.

  3. I made roast chicken and almost gave us salmonella as I had slightly undercooked it. Luckily, Paul noticed and we got it back into the oven.

    And they say romance is dead!

  4. I saw you all, but none of you saw me.

    I bought frozen shrimp last week at the grocery store.

    I didn’t cook but if I had, the black smoke would have appeared.

  5. …yeah… and I traveled to the “West Side” of the “Island” to investigate where the “other” people work and discovered not all was as it seemed.

    There were no shrimp to be seen.

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