Train free

This morning I took my last train ride to work. This evening I will take my last train ride home from work.

On Monday we quit being suburbanites and return to being city dwellers. We are moving to the NDG/Westmount area where I will get more exercise (if I stick to my pledge to walk to and from work every day whatever the weather), I will get more sleep (Aidan permitting), we will have more money (if we don’t spend it all on gadgetry and home decor) and we will have more of a life (once again, Aidan permitting).

I will miss doing the crosswords on the train every day (and throwing away the NYT crossword in disgust on Thursdays and Fridays). I will miss the overheard conversations of spotty teenagers. I will miss our back garden (yard if you insist). I will miss my workshop basement. I will miss Homestyle Bakery.

I will not miss tax bills, heating bills, home maintenance or getting up at 6am every morning.

4 thoughts on “Train free”

  1. I refuse to believe you have gone, and I will live in my happy little world of denial as long as possible.

    Seriously, I hope the unpacking and settling in goes well!


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