Earliest Memories

I have a terrible memory, especially when it comes to my childhood. There is very little I remember from before I was 10. Here is what I do remember:

Although I was born in Essex, we moved to Newmarket in Cambridgeshire soon after I was born. My Dad was a race jockey so Newmarket was a logical place for us to settle. We lived in a terraced house on a small street called Field Terrace Road.

I remember Dad putting me on a horse at a very young age. I remember our next door neighbours had red setter dogs and I wanted one. I remember fracturing my ankle trying to jump over a kitchen chair (well actually I may not remember it, I just know it happened). I remember our staircase had a door on it.

I have vague memories of my Dad leaving when I was four, but those could be false memories of how I think it would’ve happened. I remember my step-dad appearing; I wasn’t sure who he was. I remember my step-sister getting hit by a car on the corner of Field Terrace Road; I may have been holding her hand at the time.

I remember visits with Dad. He drove a brown Rover. I threw up all down the side of it because I was reading comics in the back seat. I remember hanging out in the tool hire shop he worked at. I remember he had a pair of loaded dice and an old bus ticket machine that I loved to play with.

I remember an old Ford Anglia dumped at the end of our street that I used to play in. It might have belonged to Dad. I remember going to Laureate school and becoming best friends with Michael Collins. We roamed Newmarket together even though we were only seven. I remember catching slow-worms with him. I remember moving back to Essex and realising I wouldn’t see Michael again.

So what are your earliest memories?

5 thoughts on “Earliest Memories”

  1. My mom pushing my dad into this huge closet and him landing in the millions pairs of shoes we had… they were laughing… but I just didn’t understand…

  2. Falling off a slide when I was two in Cape Breton. I just remember the part with everyone standing over me. Apparently I hit my head but there wasn’t any lasting damage.

    I like rainbows!

  3. I remember the morning of my third birthday. I was wearing a pink waffled satin dressing gown and my parents had given me a gift to unwrap. I kept chirping “For me?… For me?…”

  4. I think there are a lot of things that I only “remember” because people have told me about them or I’ve seen photographs.

    A running theme in our family seems to be that the kids only remember very specific traumatic events while my parents remember the same thing from their point of view as being either completely insignificant or downright funny.

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