Leftover Turkey Hash

What do you do when you have five hungry people to feed and a half-eaten turkey carcass in the fridge? Chili turkey hash of course:

Pick all the turkey off the carcass and chop or shred.

Chop an onion or two.

Peel, chop and parboil some potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Fry the onion in some oil in a big skillet. Add the potatoes.

When everything starts to brown, add the turkey.

Throw in any other leftovers you find in the fridge (we had mash, red cabbage and turnip left over from 2nd xmas dinner).

Add your desired amount of your favourite chili seasoning.

Mix and fry well then squish down to make a hash cake. Let it cook until the underside is well browned.

Impress your friends or family with a daring flip to brown the other side. Be prepared for this to go horribly wrong.

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