Paprika Chicken

Thanks to some specials a the local supermarket, we have a lot of chicken in the freezer.

When time is short and some thawed chicken is in desperate need of cooking, I turn to one of the easiest recipes, Paprika Chicken.

Not only is it very easy, it’s also very forgiving. You can add the ingredients in almost any order and it will turn out ok.

Here’s how I did it last night:

Chopped two onions roughly and sauteed until soft.
Chopped four chicken breasts into bite size pieces and browned.
Added a chopped sweet potato (sweet potato? In Paprika Chicken? Sure, why not?).
Added a small/large pile of paprika and flour to the mix, sieving to reduce risk of lumps.
Add a couple of wine glasses of water.
Bring to a boil and simmer for a while (I had to get Aidan to sleep at this point so it simmered for about an hour).
Stir in some plain yoghurt (it’s supposed to be sour cream but we didn’t have any) and warm through without boiling.
Serve with rice or noodles or potatoes or gnocci or whatever other starchiness you feel like (I found some rice and macaroni remnants in the cupboard and used them both).

How much paprika you put in is up to you, but it should result in a sauce that is orange to deep red in colour. When I’ve made it before I’ve dredged the chicken in the paprika/flour mix before browning, which works just as well.

For proper authentic Paprika Chicken you should use a whole chicken cut into pieces, keeping all the bones in, but it’s easier to cook and eat in a hurry with boneless chicken breasts.

Now, what should I do with the other multitude of chicken breasts sitting in the freezer?

4 thoughts on “Paprika Chicken”

  1. Interesting, the butter chicken recipes I’ve seen always call for almonds, but I’ll have to give that recipe a try too, I like the sound of the garam masala blend.

    Another restaurant that serves excellent butter chicken is Ganges on Sherbrooke in NDG.

  2. Ganges! Ganges! Ganges!

    I love jambalya, and you can use chicken in that – any one pot dish is always a hit with me. I use this recipe:

    Or this is a delicious and super easy curry recipe I use often (minus the roti because I can’t be arsed):

    Or, bash the chicken out so it’s about 1/2 inch thick (it makes cooking a lot faster and more even). Let it marinate for a few minutes in some sea salt, olive oil, garlic, and lemon (sometimes I also add tarragon). Grill it and use it as a topping for things like pasta, risotto, or serve it with salsa verde. YUM.

    OR (last one, promise) chicken fajitas!

    Dammit, I’m really hungry now.

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