Read it. Read it now.

Everyone should read Richard Dawkins’ new book The God Delusion. It doesn’t matter if you’re deeply religious or strongly atheist or somewhere in between, you will get something from this book.

If you’re an atheist the book will re-affirm your non-belief and threaten to turn you evangelical about it.

If you’re agnostic, there’s a very good chance this book will pull you off that fence you’re sitting on and let you admit that in fact you are an atheist.

If you’re religious, at the very least this book will be a huge test of faith for you. At best it will free you of your God Delusion. It will certainly make you re-examine your beliefs.

If you’re a religious extremist, it will deeply offend you and you’ll be able to have a good ole fashioned book burning to keep you warm one of these winter nights.

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