As some of my loyal readers know, my Dad died earlier this year. He was suffering from a rare blood condition called amyloidosis and was in hospital for stem cell treatment when his condition worsened.

I made it to France in time to have one last conversation with him before he lost the battle. That’s one conversation I wish could’ve been a lot longer.

Today would’ve been Dad’s 60th birthday.

Yesterday lunchtime I went for a metro ride to Metro Joannette in Verdun. I had heard good things about the beer selection. They do indeed have a massive selection of beer, just about every Quebec beer available, but the selection of imported beer is a lot smaller.

In the absence of a pint of real ale, I picked up a bottle of Bass which I will be enjoying tonight in memory of a man who taught me, among many other things, to appreciate a good beer.

One thought on “Dad”

  1. My Mum died ten years ago and every year on her birthday, I take a few minutes to think about her.

    For her…it’s got to be a good cup of tea – she wasn’t a beer drinker.

    But, it’s good to have that tradition and it’s good that you find a way to connect with a parent who’s missed.

    It gets easier…

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