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The joys of becoming a parent are immeasurable, but it does have a few small downsides. One of those is that we haven’t been on any trips for a couple of years. I have to admit that I’ve travelled more than my wife, but only because of a business trip to Florida and a trip to France which was not a happy one.

So until we can travel again (hopefully next year), I’m doing my travelling vicariously by reading travel books. I started with Bill Bryson’s Notes From a Small Island, documenting in hilarious fashion his travels around Britain, followed by Notes From a Big Country, The Lost Continent and A Walk in the Woods, also by Mr Bryson.

Having exhausted my Bryson collection (apart from the Australia one, I wasn’t in the mood for Australia), I’ve now started re-reading The Kingdom by the Sea by Paul Theroux, another amusing trip around the coast of Britain. Theroux’s writing pulls one along at such a speed that I expect to finish the book very quickly, which exhausts my travel book collection.

So my fair readers, can you recommend some travel books that I can feed to my travel bug?

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  1. Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden has been my favourite book of the summer. It takes you back and forth from Europe during World War 2 into the Canadian wilderness. For non fiction, though possibly difficult to find, I’d recommend Douglas Adams’s Last Chance to See. It’s a series of stories of his trips to see endangered animals all around the world.

  2. Awright, I give up – why can’t you travel now that you’re a parent? Are we no longer allowed to bring babies on board? I know they’re rather liquidy and they are technically carry-on until they learn to walk, but anyway…

  3. I didn’t say we can’t travel, I just said we haven’t travelled, and don’t plan to until next year. There are many reasons why we haven’t travelled, one of them being financial. You see being the fashionistas that we are, everything we buy for Aidan has to have an expensive brand name associated with it. All those Ralph Lauren socks and Chanel baby wipes add up you know.

  4. An embarassment of Mangoes – I have a copy I can lend you. Travel and cooking in one book! I felt like running away to the Caribbean when it was done :) Actually, I still feel like running away to the Caribbean…

  5. I’ve always enjoyed the “Best American Travel Writing” series. They put one out every year. Full of various pieces — mostly from magazines — but they cross a range of places and styles and topics. You can usually find the older ones discounted.

    I just read Peter Carey’s “30 Days in Sydney,” which I got (hardcover) in the remainders section of Paragraphe on McGill-College about a month ago for next to nothing. A quirky, oddball, and slightly dark view of “going home” as an Aussie. Gives you a pretty different view of Sydney from what you may be used to.

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