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I received a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada telling me to turn up for my citizenship test on 7th December. That’s next Wednesday. I guess I should start studying.

When my application was initially acknowledged, many many months ago, they sent me a booklet called “A Look at Canada” containing lots of useful facts about Canada and its people. I’ve read it quite a few times but I’m not sure I’ve absorbed all the data.

So I went looking online for sample tests, and I found the Richmond Public Library practice test page. So far I’m doing ok on those questions, but some of them relate specifically to BC rather than Quebec.

One of the things I’ve been told I need to know is who the Queen’s representative in my province is. Jen didn’t even know that each province had its own royal representative, let alone who ours is. I found it easily online, but without looking it up, do you know who the Queen’s representative for Quebec is, and what her official title is?

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  1. Apparently the GG is for the whole of Canada, and each province and territory has their own representative. Ours is a woman, her name is french, and she’s been in her position of “power” since 1997.

  2. All provinces have a Lieutenant-Governor, peforming the same function as the G-G on a provincial level. I think ours is Lise Thibault. I think out of all the provinces, the LG here is probably the least noticed or reported on. Gee, I wonder why.

  3. John wins himself a voucher for Quebec citizenship as soon as Quebec have their own national hockey team. For a bonus prize of half a bottle of Screech, what is the equivalent of the LG in the territories?

  4. Actually. I got 90% on the 20 questions I took and I never studied anything. Apparently as a Canadian citizen you have to pledge allegiance to the Queen, which as a pseudo scots separatist I could never do. So I got that question wrong. Out of principal. Good luck to you. Seems that it’s a lot of common sense.

    Good luck to ya!

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