I needs…

Procrasto tagged me, so here goes. I have to type “(your name) needs” into Google to see what I need. Here’s what I need:

  • M needs a chick. Think I already have one.
  • M needs help
  • M needs part-time and backup nurses
  • M needs Amanda Buttram, Gotta love that surname.
  • M needs to change course or he will plunge into hell at Mach 666. Yep, I’m an evil sinner.
  • M needs simple tools. Complicated tools confuse me.
  • M needs help to avoid another 2nd-place points finish. Story of my life.
  • M needs a bra. Oh now come on…
  • M needs to articulate what he wants. I WANT CANDY!
  • M needs more room. More. Always More

Who do I tag? I tag Zach Braff. I’ll keep tagging Zach Braff until he acknowledges me.

2 thoughts on “I needs…”

  1. Mr Lambic.

    My lawyers advised me not to send this for fear of potential stalkage.

    I find you to be a quirky, enigmatic man and have decided to base my next movie on a charachter such as yourself.

    Perhaps next time I am in Montréal, god forbid, we can discuss this over a bubble tea or something similar.


  2. Hm, I have no blog, but I did this for fun.

    I’m amused by the things I ‘need’.

    Z – I can confirm that he is a quirky, enigmatic man, and it is likely what makes him fun to hang around.


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