Curry and Schlocky TV

On Saturday night, him, her, him and her came over for dinner. As three of us have lived in Britain for at least part of our lives, I decided to prepare a traditional British meal. That means curry.

Starter was curried sweet potato soup. Onions, celery, red chilis, grated ginger, squished garlic, turmeric, coriander, mustard seeds, fenugreek, sweet potatoes, chicken broth. Cooked and whizzed up in the food processor. A can of coconut milk added at the end. I’ve made this soup quite a few times before, but this time I think I got the spice mix just right; spicy without being overpowering.

Main course was butter chicken. Onions, turmeric, cumin, coriandor, cardomon, grated ginger, squished garlic, cinnamon, chicken, canned tomatoes, ground almonds. Cooked for a while and yoghurt added near the end. Served with basmati rice tossed in a mustard seed and lemon infused oil. Oh and some slaw on the side, courtesy of the McGill Organic Food Co-op. There was also a loaf of spinach bread on the table during the meal, purely for decorative effect.

For dessert I departed from the Indian theme but stayed with the traditional British fare. Apple and blueberry crumble (ok, the blueberries aren’t so traditional, those were my concession to Canadiana). Apples and blueberries briefly cooked with sugar, ginger and cinnamon, topped with a mixture of flour, butter, sugar and maple syrup. Baked in the oven until tinged with brown.

The original plan was to follow dinner with either a movie or some silly games, but for some reason it turned into schlocky TV night. We watched Little Britain, Craft Corner Deathmatch (yes, it is as strange as it sounds), and Holiday Showdown. Oh and a little bit of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to demonstrate high-definitionness.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves, even John, who was still hung over from the night before.

4 thoughts on “Curry and Schlocky TV”

  1. I HATE sweet potatoes and most of the other ingredients you mentionned. But, MAN you put them together so well. Makes me almost want to try eating sweet potatoes.

    Thanks for the good evening.

  2. Amazing dinner and a great night all around! …which reminds me, I still have to call Bell ExpressVue and get BBC Canada back, ’cause I’ll need to watch Little Britain religiously now… Thanks again!!

  3. You are a talented man, Mr Lambic.

    I was scanning thorugh the TV channels yesterday morning and stopped at BBC Canada, which was in red, which meant that I couldn’t watch Holiday Showdown.

    I’m still angry at Michelle.

  4. And here I impress myself when I follow the recipes on the back of the Patak’s jar to the letter.

    It was a great meal and a great evening. Thanks a bunch.

    And I was NOT still hungover.

    Ok, yes. Yes, I was.

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