The BBC wades in

The waste of everybody’s time happening down in Dover, PA where the school board is being sued by parents over wanting to teach intelligent design in science classrooms, is now being reported on by the BBC. The article is well written overall, but I take issue with the lead-in sentence:

A school board being sued in a US court for questioning the theory of evolution has begun presenting its case.

I don’t understand why they chose that wording. There is nothing inherently wrong with questioning the theory of evolution or any other scientific theory. If theories didn’t get questioned and analyzed their would be no advancement.

The school board are not being sued for questioning evolution, they are being sued for trying to push a non-scientific religious alternative into science classrooms. It’s important to report this accurately and clearly so people far removed from the problem (like Brits) understand how foolish and theocratic the school board are being.

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