The Citizenship Saga

After receiving my confirmation letter at the start of the summer, I’ve been waiting to hear when I would be doing my Canadian citizenship test. Today I received a letter, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

When I sent of my application, I was very careful to make sure everything was in the envelope and that I had followed all the instructions in the application guide to the letter. Included were two passport sized photos of me, signed on the back by me.

The letter today tells me that the signature on the photos doesn’t match the signature on my application. Excuse me? I mean maybe I can’t exactly duplicate my signature every single time, but usually it looks more or less the same. Is this just some fussy bureaucrat being picky or did I really mess it up that much?

They are telling me to send new photos, but the question is how do I sign them? What if it was the signature on the application that I messed up? Then I’ll get the same letter back again in another 3 months. If I send a letter with them, also signed, what if the signature on that is different to the one on the photos, and different to the one on my original application?

Why couldn’t they just ask me to show up at some office somewhere and demonstrate my signature in person? They could even compare my real face to the photographs, and look at all my identifying cards. I mean even if all the signatures matched, that’s still not proof that it’s my signature, is it?

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