The weekend

On Saturday we went up to the country to see Elisabeth and Richard for Richard’s birthday celebration. We enjoyed a chicken dinner made by Richard, a greek salad made by Elisabeth and a chocolate birthday cake made by me, followed by the obligatory gift un-wrapping. Richard got a Jamie Oliver book from us, and an inflatable boat from Elisabeth.

Richard and I spent a fairly large part of the following morning inflating said boat. After the launching ceremony, Richard tried to climb aboard in a dignified manner. He failed. He got on board, but it definitely wasn’t dignified. After watching him attempt to navigate the pond without any oars, we headed off home.

While we were there, Jen got a bit fidgety, and put it down to the lack of technology. No internet, limited TV. While we did watch the F1 race on Sunday morning, and I did go online briefly to show Elisabeth my blog, it was still a very low tech weekend for us. This made me wonder how long I could survive without technology.

I spent a week in Wales once, where they don’t have electricity yet. Well ok that’s not true, but the cottage we stayed in didn’t have electricity. I survived ok, even managing to listen to my Uncle’s stories with good grace, despite how often they got repeated. There was a pub to go to there though, so I don’t know if that counts.

I’m pretty sure I could survive quite a while as long as I had stuff to read, eat and drink. I would probably be itching to check my email after a few days, but I could resist that temptation. Couldn’t I?

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