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I’m pushing this post to the top as a reminder. I need submissions!

Skeptics CircleThe thirteenth Skeptic’s Circle, hosted by Orac, was a fine success, helped along by much fine ale drinking. Much was discussed, from anti-vaccination conspiracies to young earth creationism and intelligent design.

The 14th Skeptic’s Circle will be happening in two weeks time, and I have the pleasure of being the 14th host. I have a very special venue planned, but before I can finalize those arrangements I need some skeptical submissions! If you’re having skeptical thoughts and you need to get them off your chest, then blog about them, and send me a link.

Submissions can be sent here. I have heavy-duty spam-filters in place, so if your mail bounces or you don’t get a response from me, leave a comment here and I’ll find another way to contact you.

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