History Bites

A meme over at her place inspired me to do this. I’m not following the meme exactly because it was only the first part that got me thinking.

20 years ago

I was living at home with my mum, stepdad, and half brother, just finished senior school (that’s high school for you North Americans) and about to start sixth form college. I had recently discovered beer and was enjoying it immensely. When I could get served. Which wasn’t often. My dad was running a pub, so I spent as much time with him as I could. I still had my ZX Spectrum, and didn’t know what a PC was.

15 years ago

I was living in Surbiton, south-west London in a dingy bedsit. One small room with a bed, a tv, a cupboard, a table, a sink and a fridge. I was working for a publishing company as a technical analyst (vague job title for a vague job), spending most of my time at work or at the pub across the road from work to avoid going back to the nasty bedsit. I was in debt, but still drinking too much. I was learning Unix voraciously.

10 years ago

I was sharing a flat in Surbiton with my friend Philip and his friend Shaun and very happy to be away from the bedsit. I was working as a programmer for an EDI company in Hampshire, and driving two hours a day to get there and back. I was drinking less but smoking more. I had also recently discovered the internet and multi-player gaming…

5 years ago

Jen and I had just bought a fancy schmancy loft-style condo beside the Lachine Canal on the edge of Point St Charles. I snuck in there on moving day before Jen with a blanket, candles, and champagne so we could have a picnic in the middle of our big new empty space. I’d been in Canada since the start of the year and only just got around to getting some consultancy work. We had three PCs next to each other in the condo, but still talked to each other over ICQ.

1 year ago

We had been in our new house in Beaconsfield for 1 year. I was discovering the joys of gardening and BBQing. In three days time I would start my blog. I like to think I started blogging early enough to not be accused of jumping on the bandwagon.


We went to Le Caverne Grecque on Prince Arthur for a meal on the terrace with the Toastmasters crowd. The food wasn’t fantastic but the company was good, and Little Penguin wine was on the table.

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