Psychic surgery is a crime in Canada

Skeptics CircleIf other countries took this kind of action there would be a lot less quackery in the world. Toronto police have branded ‘psychic healer’ Alex Orbito a fake, and charged him with fraud and the posession of the proceeds of crime.

Mr Orbito hails from the Philippines, where he has undoubtedly fleeced many poor and gullible people of their life savings. Mr Orbito uses the old and oft-debunked trick of pretending to push his fingers into the bodies of his victims and extracting blood and tumors. What he ‘extracts’ are, according to the Toronto police, parts from a chicken. For a two minute conjuring trick like this, he was charging gullible Torontonians $135 and managed to make $80000 in 3 days.

It’s sad to see that a trick that has been debunked so often and by so many people is still fooling the weak and desperate and separating them from their hard-earned cash. It’s heartening to see that the Canadian police are willing to step in and do something about it.

Apparently news of Mr Orbito’s visit was spread by word of mouth. Hopefully the news of his arrest and the arrest of his promoter will be spread in the same way.

48 thoughts on “Psychic surgery is a crime in Canada”

  1. This is gross and sad. And I’m angry he makes more than I do actually helping people. I have a question for you though…

    How come most of your skeptic stuff seems to be about rooting out quacks in healthcare? Your given field seems unrelated, and there seems to me to be plenty of disgusting things out there to root out and expose. I was just wondering why you seem to specialize in this corner of the subject world. Why not this stuff and other stuff too? I mean, how do you even choose what to get riled up about?

    And what about those awful drugs like Meridia for weight loss that somehow seems to work “with diet and exercise”? Isn’t it just as disgusting to take people’s money to give them unnecessary poison (a pageful of disclaimers on the back of the magazine ads) when they are doing what they need to lose weight naturally anyway? Why don’t the police stop them? I think this fake psychic healer should be forced to take Meridia.


  2. Unless I come up with something randomly, I usually pick my topics from the news. It just so happens that quackery seems to hit the news more often than other stuff.

    If you look back at my skepticism posts, you’ll see that the majority of them are actually about religion. I only see 4 posts relating to health, and two of those involved religion too. The religion posts total 5. The other posts are about psychics, coincidences and sock gnomes!

    As for Meridia, I agree with you about it, but not for skeptical reasons. Meridia is a scientifically proven drug. It is proven to help weight loss and it is proven to be safer than fen or redux. Whether its efficacy is worth the side effects is up to the patient and their doctor.

  3. You know what…you’re right. They are often about religion. I think I must have developed a sort of religious discussion blocker deep in my psyche to protect me from what has become a very unpleasant church and state mingling down here. I forgot totally.

    As for the sock gnomes, that I remember. It was my favourite rant. I bet they lose weight through diet and exercise.

    I also forgot your news topics up there are different than here. Right now Philadelphia is having apparently unprecedented gun violence. (What joy) As I type this there are two helicopters hovering above the streets here looking for someone who did something they shouldn’t have. But I digress.

  4. I am responding to the article on Alex Orbito. Now I understand that the Toronto Police have labeled Mr. Orbito as a fake. But what would happen by chance if Orbito can prove that he is not a fake, and that whatever method he uses to treat the people are part of his work. If it can be proven will the police force give back all the money he was suppose to have? What happens for instance if the chicken parts that is non-human, is what removes the negative energy? What happens if then a person touches the negative chicken parts gets negative energy from the parts. I agree a lot of fake people out there. But, keep in mind there are a lot of unexplained things that we don’t know. Is it possible that some healers like Orbito has a different system to really help the people? If so Orbito (and his helpers) should be welcomed with open arms to help people. I have a strong feeling about Alex Orbito that he is not a fake. The Toronto police are not to be blamed for saying Orbito is a fake, as they are only doing their job, and are not psychics.

  5. If Orbito can prove he’s not a fake, he can claim James Randi’s one million dollars, and have the charges against him dropped. Doesn’t seem to be happening does it?

    If the chicken parts are, as you seem to be suggesting, a valid part of his “healing”, why does he conceal the fact that he uses them?

    I have a strong feeling, and fairly good evidence, that Orbito is a fake. Which one of our strong feelings is right do you think?

  6. Hi Lambic. I am glad that you responded. I have a few personal experiences in the family. Certain things happened that the hospitals were not able to fix. Alex Orbito was able to fix these problems. As far as the chicken parts go, I don’t know why they were concealed or if they existed. Only Mr. Orbito knows why he treats people the way he does, because it’s his job to use what tools he needs to use, if for an example you get an operation from a medical doctor, does the doctor tell you every instrument he uses and the reason for using them. No he doesn’t. He conceals them from the public, and is working to providing a healthier result.

    Also we must keep in mind that each person’s energy is different and therefore they will react different to spiritual healing. But when a man of this nature touches your own personal family circle and we see the results, no human feeling will tell you that he is a fake!

    But in your case you have a strong feeling that he is a fake. So your feelings are right for you. Oh, do your homework about the charges against him being dropped!

  7. If you ask a doctor what his instruments do, he will tell you. If he doesn’t then I wouldn’t trust him.

    So why does Alex Orbito wave chicken parts around claiming that they are tumors and badness that he has removed? Why won’t he do what he does under controlled conditions in front of a qualified doctor? If he can demonstrate that what he does actually works he could make a lot more money than what he makes scamming his current victims.

  8. It is my understanding that in the past Alex Orbito has done his psychic healing under the supervision of different medical doctors at different times. The result was that the medical doctors were surprised of his healing powers. Now if no medical doctor is around to be with him, he is a fake. What a joke! A medical doctor would be no more qualified than anyone who does not have the power to heal people using psychic surgery. Now if we get another psychic who can really cure people using psychic surgery, that would be a qualified person to put any one to the test. Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against medical doctors. God bless them all, because they do their best to help millions of people. But with psychic surgery they help take away the negative energy that was caused by the spirit. As a result the body recovers faster without the negative energy inside of them. Many people see what psychic surgery did to other people and they will also welcome it.

    Now what you said about scamming his own victims.
    When a man as powerful as Alex Orbito goes around the world he balances peoples energy and takes away their negative energy, and also heals them in other areas too. All with a deep love and caring for the people.
    Now if he didnt have any results curing people, why are the people still wanting to see him?
    So it very clearly seems like there is no scam here.

    Other people know about Alex Orbitos powerful healing, so they try and copy him and really scam people.
    But then on the other side of the coin, when people see something new that they dont understand, and something that is not natural to them, they jump very fast to the conclusion that its a scam. Even if these people actually got some negative energy removed from them, they dont notice a big change, so its a scam.

    So it goes to show whenever we have something new (psychic surgery) with a big contradiction there will always be millions of people for you and millions of people against you. Just because a person gets accused of not really using psychic surgery on people it does not mean that these people are really right.

    I will tell you from the bottom of my heart Alex Orbito really helps people with all his heart. He is not a scammer. Many people have prove what he does actually works. But he is not interested in just money. An interesting subject, but talking back and forth is just a game. What really counts is the peoples health and positive energy. For this we can thank all the medical profession, According to you it seems that in this world there is not one human being that can perform psychic surgery, just in case there are a few special people that are for real, we can thank them. And finally we can thank all of the rest of the people who help out each other.

  9. He treated me and I also know how a scam works and this realy isn’t a scam for me it was really painfull by others it didn’t hurt it depends on the person
    But you can’t say it’s a scam if you’ve never been treated

  10. Of course I can, just as I can say that the “ebay” email I got this morning was a scam, even though I never tried to do what it told me.

    The old canard that you don’t know something because you’ve never tried it is a logical fallacy. I’ve never tried cutting my wrists with a knife, but I know that if I do I will bleed a lot and possibly die.

    If you give me all your money, I promise to make you happier and healthier than you’ve ever been. Now how can you know that’s not true if you don’t try it?

  11. Just wanted to say thanks to the people who believes in the healing power of the Holy spirit. Move on and keep the connection to the Lord up high.
    It could have been a big help to the people in Canada but then others seemed to get interested in trying to put down a person who is whole-heartedly trying to help those who are in deep trouble with negative energy. Alex Orbito did not go to Canada “flying” but he spend money to buy his tickets so it’s just fair if he gets paid too, and the organizer has to earn from it too since having Alex Orbito will stop him from working during the span of days that Orbito is in his area. I hope these peole who are veery negative get a healing from psychic surgeons so that all those negativities inside them will vanish.
    God Bless.

  12. “but he spend money to buy his tickets so its just fair if he gets paid too, and the organizer has to earn from it too since having Alex Orbito will stop him from working during the span of days that Orbito is in his area”

    Fair? How is this fair by any stretch of the imagination? Let’s look at potential costs:

    Flight to Canada – lets be generous and say $2000
    Three days in a hotel – gotta have a nice hotel, so what, $2000?
    Publicity – ooh, got to be around $2000
    Organizer not working for 3 days – hmm about $2000?
    Food and other stuff – $2000 should cover it
    Bail – well we can’t really count that can we?

    So being generous, the trip cost $10,000. Mr Orbito scammed his victims out of $80,000! Thats an eight times return on investment. I’m obviously in the wrong business, but then again I have some ethics.

  13. How much do you think did he charged these people or patients that he was able to collect $80,000.00? How many people came for healing? I believe healers doesn’t collect money’s, it is the organizers who make contacts with the patients or the people who wanted healing from him. HAd the Canadian Government gave him the chance to prove himself? Was he given a fair trial to tell everybody how he can heal the sick? There are many healers around the globe who are doing there missions in other countries. I hope you get to find one and know how they can heal the sick.
    If he was given a fair trial, would the court accept all answers that will be taken from the Bible? All the answers needed are written in the Bible. Have you heared about the Interfaith Spiritual Church? There you will find the answers you needed.
    Maybe it was the people who came for healing who wished to give him more than the supposed donation, maybe these people were happy to be healed without any scar and maybe they gave him more money because it was there own will. Aren’t you happy that there is an alternative way of healing? Not just the doctors who are very expensive charger…
    Go to the Philippines and investigate for your ownself, you find it very Spiritually nurturing to talk to an Spiritual Healer. Remember, we have spirits, and when the spirit is sick, the flesh can not understand what Spirituality means… As the healer Rev. Marcos said… how can a human being understand about spirituality when he can not even understand why he is here, even if it is infront of his eyes he can not see it, he is hearing it but can not understand, touching it but can not feel it….
    I hope you will be able to enlightened yourself about SPIRITUAL HEALING, find the Light, wisdom and power…
    God Bless….

  14. Only a half wit would try to begin to believe what this guy is doing real at all. The fact is, he is tricking people out of their hard earned money. The fact that he tried to hide the chicken livers only condemns him even further.

    I am glad the police are taking this matter into their own hands.

    If Psychic Surgery was at all real, in any sense, do you think that we would still be resorting to classic old knives and analgesics? No, we wouldn’t.

    I have a good feeling every person who responded to this article are simply bluffing on this mad man’s behalf to try and argue a point in something they might believe in.

    If I had to choose between him and a normal surgeon to operate on my me, I’d choose the surgeon any day.

  15. Only a half wit would believe that the miracles do not happen everyday and having spiritual healing is not crazy. Everybody might be bluffing, are you sure you’re not?????????
    If I have to choose between a real surgeon or him? I’d rather choose spiritual way with him because I believe that it is always the will of the Lord that will happen, not anybody’s, no matter how good the surgeon is, the Lord will still do or make a way, why not go to the healer, no scars, no pain!
    Did you saw those chicken parts as you mentioned? Were you there to speak just like you were there?????? Well, maybe you are half wit just like the others who seemed not to know why they still exist and how they exist, do you know why??? Where did your breathe came from, why do you still feel the air moving around you?
    I hope the day will not come that you will need an Alex Orbito in your life. Be broad minded, let others be and let yourself be!

  16. Hello Carmen,you are right that only the half wit do not believe that miracles do exists.
    Hello Jeremy, don’t you pray and ask guidance from the Lord, don’t you realize you get results everyday??? I don’t ask you to believe faith healing, but many people had tried it and they did get the results in there lives… God is simply out there wathching everyone of us and He knows every move that we make,evern your deepest and darkest secrets are not hidden from Him,so remember, God exist so as miracles, go on with your surgeon, and others will keepgoing to the healers….. What if your surgeon can’t do anything for you, that your illness is uncurable??? would you wait for death to come and watch yourself dying??? Won’t you ask for miracles? What if the only person whom God will use is the healers,would you turn your back and say NO? Think again….nothing is impossible with God.

  17. I have seen miracles happen with alex. I have seen a lot of sick people that he has given there health back. And ofcourse he can’t heal everyone but he can make a diffrence and give you a better and positive feeling. And he’s such a good and warm person. He’s in our heart forever

  18. “In September 1996, immigration officials, the RCMP and representatives of the College des medecins du Quebec halted one gathering in Fossambault-sur-le-Lac, reminding Orbito that he does not have the right to practice medicine in Canada.”

    Well is he practicing medicine without a license or is it slight of hand? The RCMP doesn’t seem to be able to decide… like they have a clue.

    Unfortunately like some of the disbelieving police there are also those that do not believe and are greedy fakes! These fakes are the problem!

    My mother and I have both worked with a Christian Faith Healer who had the gift of surgery. I also thought at first it was not real. But after I had talked to others and read my Bible to see if these things were true I changed my mind. I RECEIVED the gift of the Holy Spirit and kept it! I can tell you that no money could ever pay for that gift. That was in 1986 and the Holy Spirit is still with me today.

    Read Harvey J. Martin III

    If the oh so Amazing Randy can fake the gift or baptism of the Holy Spirit he should get a million dollars! Not likely I’m afraid.

    As for the $80,000 he supposedly collected:
    “Det. Michael Barsky of the Toronto police said officers seized $6,000 in U.S. and Canadian currency — the proceeds of a single afternoon of healing — after raiding the Scarborough hotel where Orbito and his fellow accused, John Robert Wood, 62, are alleged to have set up treatment sessions.”

    For Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!

  19. Alex Orbito is a blessing to mankind. He has twice done a healing on me in the US some years ago. An MRI showed I had a shattered knee cap with many fragments, the doctor suggested arthroscopic surgery, I was walking with crutches and was in constant pain. Alex opened my knee and removed them spiritually without pain and knives and I got up and “walked” away and still do today, years later. At another healing he removed a nasty looking thing with tentacles (cancer) from my right arm/shoulder junction. Thanks to Alex Orbito I am well. God bless him and his family.

  20. Hi! I went to visit Alex Orbito in Tampa about 20 years ago with my mom and dad. He and his assistant were wearing pure white. He did his work in a small room. It was bare and spotless clean, nowhere to hide anything. Not a word was spoken. I told him I was a healer. I felt him digging out my chakra areas and in the palms of my hands. When I left he held his hands together in the prayer position indicating that I pray. I was a certified massage therapist. Later I gave my mom a swedish massage and all of a sudden her shoulder and neck felt like soft clay. This scared me, because I didn’t know what to do with the clay, so I quit. And this never happened to me again. Mom had xrays showing torn cartilege in her knee. After seeing Alex Orbito, she didn’t need surgery. Noone will ever convince me he is a fraud because I have been there and done that. Word of mouth is the best advertising. It works both ways. People will not go if they get cheated. Over the years he has probably helped 100’s of thousands of people in the world. Our bodies and beings are even more special than many people know or believe.

  21. I see there’s a bit of campaign going on here to fill my comments with testimonials. You people just go ahead, testimonials are useless without evidence.

  22. Thanks to everyone for believing in the Holy miracles that are truely happening, may the good Lord continue to give us more strength and wisdom to understand all thing that are happening around us.
    evidence is also useless if you don’t try it… Maybe you nedd more prayers, I’ll pray for you. God bless us all.

  23. If I knew where to go to get treated by Mr. Orbito, I would not hesitate one second. If a regular orthopedic surgeon has managed to shorten my leg by two centimeters when trying to mend a broken hip bone, I believe Mr. Orbito cannot do worse than that.

  24. Any rational person must conclude that what we are dealing with here is the placebo effect. The real issue, in my view, is an ethical one. Can the fact that these procedures work for some people (around 30% is the average rate for placebos) justify any fraud that is perpetrated in the practice? Do the ends justify the means, in other words? Lambic, I would be very interested in your view. Thanks already.

  25. The placebo effect only might make people feel better but it won’t fix them. If you have cancer and you take a sugar pill that someone tells you cures cancer then the placebo effect might relieve some of your symptoms but it won’t make the cancer go away.

    Regardless of what the placebo effect does, it is unethical to offer a treatment which only delivers that effect, while claiming the treatment as a cure. If a medical doctor was caught doing that he would be struck off.

  26. Psychic surgery is deplorable!

    It turns my stomach to think of the harm these people cause on the infirm and needy in the world.

    It demeans the work and expertise of real surgeons who have studied and toiled tirelessly to help their fellow man.

    The true sickness is in the psychic surgeons themselves.

  27. I guess spiritual healing is a must since we are ‘spiritually’ made, I say this because without the spirit inside us then there will be existence of love or of any kind of feelings, thus we are soiritually made. I know where to contact the Orbito’s 00639065158156, don’t waste time….
    True sickness is in the minds of the people who cannot understand there own existence, so how can they possibly understand the existence of spirituality?

  28. Well, we have our own way of thinking in everything, it’s just the fact that we really need to know about spirituality because we are made because of God’s love.
    Anybody know Mr. Daniel Fogel of Vancouver??? Just asking…..

  29. I want to say that Mr.Orbito is a true healer.I had many healings sessions with
    him and there was no indication of tricks of any kind.I am most greatfull for
    helping me in many ocations.Some yrs. ago I had a very sharp pain in my back.
    He removed it in seconds.That pain never returned.
    I know Alex helped thousends of people and I respect him deeply and I am greatfull for what he did for me and my daughter.
    One more thing: I don’t care about Randy and his million.Who is this guy?How
    many people he helped to bring them out of desperation or fear if he has those
    millions to give away?Now ask those thousends of people that saw Alex and because of that they got healed and hope for a new life.
    In respect and appreciation and gratitude for Alex,

  30. No I do not pray to God. because God does not help people in any real sense. If he did, my step father would have never have gotten cancer, my mother would have never been in 3 abusive relationships and the world would be a happy, sunny place.

    The reality of the situation is that people need to depend on science to live. We live in a dark, godless age were people have to rely on one another to survive and nothing more. All Mr.Orbito is doing is making a living off of anyone gullible enough to give him money. I feel sad for anyone he has given hope to, because it is a false hope.

    If he was a true healer that could simply pull cancer right out of a persons body, he would be world renown for his ability to cure and heal people. Instead he is more well known for his ability to con, lie and steal money from people. These kinds of miracle, healing surgeries have been around for ages now, it is nothing new, it is a rip off, it is a con, that is why many states make it illegal to attempt to try and practice anything like this.

    You people sit here and talk about religion and god and spiritual power. it is a damn shame you have NOTHING at all to back up your claims except a stupid, idiotic, false hope, leading you to trust dishonest people who prey on people who are too dumb to realize that they could have taken that money and actually used modern medicine to save their life.

    Thousands of people isn’t even a fraction of the amount of people who exist on the planet. That isn’t even a quator of the people who live on this planet, it is a small, tiny fraction. Why is this man, willing to take money from honest people, but isn’t willing to face Randy, who wants to be proven wrong? Who wants to pay people to prove him wrong? No one ignores a free million dollars, especially if their ability is a true one. They don’t face Randy because they can’t, because they would be exposed for the frauds they are.

    Maybe one day, when a loved one of yours dies, because you went to Mr.Orbito instead of a doctor, a person who actually understands the human body, a person who spends year studying how it works just to keep you healthy and alive, who could have saved them, but you are simply too ignorant and are looking for that miracle in the world just to prove everyone else wrong.

  31. Sorry, people are not capable of healing people “through prayer.” (or anything else for that matter)

    And besides, since when does God heal people like that anyway?
    For one, I don’t think God would be allowing him to accept payment.
    I don’t remember Jesus going around telling people to pay him curing them.
    And two, I don’t think God would be using some random crazy fucker as an instrument to heal people.

    And if miracles happened that fast, why didn’t my mother come up to me with a puppy last night when I asked for one?

    If you actually believe this guy is curing people, you’re a fool.
    There’s evidence to support him, he’s just another guy using “God” for his own personal gain.
    (and there is lots of money to be made off of God)

    I’m going to laugh when one of those guys goes and gets checked out by a REAL doctor, and he’s still got that tumor.
    Fucking hilarious.

  32. Jeremy… it’s too bad the last word cannot be one of truth! I’m not responding to convince you but to interfere with your spreading baseless lies.

    There are many frauds that fake this however there are others that do not.

    You cannot tell if God has helped anyone and you are unable to judge these things without being willing to experience it.

    You say if he were a true healer he would be world renowned for helping people… well he is!

    You say he is known for is ability to lie and con and steal… well that statement is a lie! Show us where he was ever convicted of anything… YOU have NOTHING to back up YOUR claims except your false accusations.

    You do not understand that Alex Orbito does not heal people; the Holy Spirit does through him!

    Why would he not face Randy read: Mark 8:11-12

    Why do we know: 1 Corinthians 2:9

    Not all of us are motivated by money.

    I had no sickness when I experienced a healing but the spirit of truth was revealed to me. The Holy Spirit was poured out upon me and when that happens you know it!

    The parable of the sower Matthew 13:10-35 the secret of the parable is found in John 1:1 and John 1:14

    Read: Acts 7:47-51

    This thread was started with false information and little research… try quoting your sources.

  33. For those people that say doctor’s do not lie. Im assuming you all have heard about the placebo effect? Well that is when they give you a sugar pill in a controlled environment making you believe you got medication and voila your cured. now the question is does this prove the power of healing threw the mind or this also a scam?

  34. The placebo affect doesn’t cure anything, it just makes you think you feel better. If you have cancer and take a sugar pill believing it to be a cure, you might feel less pain, but the cancer will still be there.

    The placebo effect is what charlatans rely on to ply their wares. If it didn’t exist, things like faith healing, chiropractic and acupuncture would have no effect.

  35. Whatever other people say, the truth is ” The Holy spirit works in many different ways, and in many people.” The inportance of this the fact that people are talking about Spirituality and whaever comment you may say, it is still about spreading and learning the truth about it.

  36. I have worked for governments and I would prefer to still have that option so I will only say that I have a medical background and I have been treated by Marcos Orbito for metastasized colon cancer…something I never discussed with him or my friends. I went on a 21-day water-only fast and past some of the tumors. I knew exactly what they looked like. Some friends of mine wanted me to sign in patients…they were short-handed and I said I would, never having any intention of being seen. He worked on me after the meeting was over,,, my friends talked me into it …they said even if there were nothing wrong with me that the blessing was well worth it. I didn’t have anything to lose ..he only worked on donation then and I figured what could it hurt? I could feel his hands inside my gut while he was working and when he finished I could stand up straight for the first time in months. It took several times before all of the cancer disappeared. I had elected not to be treated for cancer by the medical field so any healing was entirely due to Marcos’ work. The cancer has never returned in over 20-yrs. Not only that but he removed some fatty clogs in the arteries of my legs something I was very happy about since I used to stand long priods of time. I don’t know where Marcos is now but I wouldn’t hesitate to go see him again…it’s time for a tune-up.
    If he ever sees this I thank him for my life. He’s a gentle soul and a good man. I wish there were more like him in the U.S.

  37. Hello again. BrerBob, nice to read your experience with Marcos Orbito, It so happened he is my father, he still lives at the age 83 and still healthy having no regular vitamins, only organic foods. And he still do healing in the US and other parts of the world. I don’t know how you’d be able to see him again, but I can’t guve you address through this column, anyway, try contacting Rev. Carol Eckels or Rev. Susan Bostwick, they have full information about Marcos Orbito.
    I guess it has proven that people talk about spiritual works on your column, this is a proof that it really works…. read the comments and everything, it’s here… God works in many different ways, your existence is to have this column where people can discuss of many different things, our existence is to be part of it, thank God you have a wide space for everybody.
    Good luck and tanks.

  38. Thank you Cita. I appreciate the information. I shall do just that. I am acquainted with one of the women but haven’t had much luck getting ahold of her. I’ll try the other. I hope that you and your family are well. Take care. Thanks again.
    Brer Bob.

  39. Hi everybody out there!
    I would be interested in learning how a regular Alex Orbito appointment works: do you tell him what you have or does he now anyhow? Are there any things to do prior to seeing him?
    Thanks from

  40. lambic said
    Don’t bother Filmyogini, Alex Orbito is a fraud.

    Lambic the charges were dropped again and if he was a fraud why?

    lambic said
    Mr Orbito hails from the Philippines, where he has undoubtedly fleeced many poor and gullible people of their life savings.

    Lambic if he only charges $135.00 like you said how is that a life savings? Isn’t it western doctors that charge a life savings?

    lambic said
    He charges $135.00 and managed to make $80000 in 3 days.

    Lambic $80,000 in three days where is your proof? “Toronto police said officers seized $6,000 in U.S. and Canadian currency” did they give it back?

    I said before, this thread was started with very little research and bogus opinions. You really don’t have a clue!

    Keep thinking what YOU like but others like myself will tell the truth from what we know (Matthew 16:17) and you can keep telling lies about what you don’t know anything about!

    Buy the book “The Secret Teachings of the Espiritistas”, read it and maybe you might have done a little research. We know that there is much more than sticking your hands in people.

    As for proving it to the amazing Randy for money, people work for money not the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit works with those that have love and compassion for others, not for those with a love of money.

    Michael a distant branch of the same tree!

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