I’m confused

In Canada you can choose to marry whoever you want.

In Canada it is ok to use marijuana to ease your pain and suffering.

In Canada contraception is ok, whatever form it takes.

In Canada you can burn the flag if you want.

In Canada it is understood that sometimes abortion is necessary.

In Canada torture is a violation of human rights. Always. The end does not justify the means.

In Canada you can be an atheist and still be considered a citizen.

In Canada law is secular and religious freedom is guaranteed within that law.

In Canada you can’t have your home taken away for a shopping mall.

In Canada you can take books from the library without fear of persecution.

In Canada the authorities need to have probable cause and a warrant before searching your home.

So I’m confused; which country is the Land Of The Free again?

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  2. Howdy!

    Canada farms its prisoners out for torture.
    In Canada, kids are prevented from wearing religious ornaments in school.
    In Canada, it is possible to be thrown in jail without any opportunity of having a trial.
    In Canada, there is no freedom of speech.
    In Canada, there is no freedom of the press.
    In Canada, the government is allowed to interfere in my private affairs.
    In Canada, the government regularly censors artists, and threatens them with prosecution.
    If I remember correctly, it was a Canadian who murdered the American abortionists. And while there have been plenty of mass murders in the States, I can’t seem to recall any that targeted individuals because of their sex, race or beliefs, like has happened here.

    You got it wrong on “probable cause and a warrant before searching your home.” And while you won’t be persecuted for taking a book out of a library, the library itself will censor and choose what is appropriate for you to read.

    While I would be the first to point out the faults and contradictions in the United States vis-a-vis the constitution, it is not all sweetness and light here.

  3. No, Canada isn’t perfect, but I think Zeke went a bit over the top there, presenting hyperbole and fiction as fact.

    Got any links for those assertions Zeke?

    No freedom of speech? No freedom of the press?

  4. Hmm, publication bans on sensitive criminal cases is hardly a free press restriction. Most countries will protect victims of crimes in a similar way.

    Inciting hatred is a tricky one. I happen to agree mostly with the way that law is written as it relates to fairly specific criteria. It even lets religious groups continue to spew hatred in the name of their religion.

    If those are the best you can do to back up a claim of Canada lacking free press and free speech, I’m not impressed.

  5. Hey Zeke, if there’s a perfect paradise on earth please let us all know e.g. no Kool-Aid consumption required. Lambic has never said that Canada is perfect or all-free, inclusive, etc…. and he’s not even from this place. I hope you agree that having some laws is a “necessary evil” to prevent chaos…. ya? Now really Zeke, in Canada there is “No freedom of speech”, “no freedom of the press”, and does the gov’t routinely invade people’s private lives when there is no reason?! Hey, it’s not just libraries that ‘censor’ what we read by what they select to offer, it’s those darn newspapers as well…. they decide what we read about. And even in what section the comics go into.

  6. Howdy!

    Umm, free means free. No restrictions, impositions, qualifications or any nonsense like that.

    You might approve of the content of a publication ban law, or a hate speech law, but that does not mean that things are free.

    Free Press to me, is being able to write whatever you want, whenever you want.
    Free Speech to me is being able to say whatever I want, whenever I want.

    In Canada I can’t. They truly are black and white issues, no gray areas at all.

    I am particularly scared by the Section 810 Peace Bond – which enables a judge to put restrictions on you WITHOUT having being charged with a gosh-darn thing.

    And by the way, if you want feel free to delete my comment, if you disagree with it :-)

  7. There is no such thing as completely free speech. Anywhere. There never will be. There are shades of free, it’s not as black and white as you think. Free speech in Canada is plenty free enough for me.

    I’m not going to remove your comments, my blog is a free speech area with the exception of spammers :-)

  8. “Free Press to me, is being able to write whatever you want, whenever you want.
    Free Speech to me is being able to say whatever I want, whenever I want.

    In Canada I canít. They truly are black and white issues, no gray areas at all.”

    Nowhere on Earth, then, will you ever be ‘free’. Your freedom ends where mine begins. If someone is a victim of sexual assault, their right to privacy, their ‘freedom’ to it, overrides your ‘freedom’ to right about them.

    Complete and Total Freedom, to me, isn’t about ‘doing, saying, writing’ whatever I want, regardless of the consequences they’ll have on others. It’s about living in control of my own life, free to make my decisions, not within the artificial contraints of law or society, but within the natural, human contraints of respect, love, decency and common-fucking-sense.

    If to be free you need to ‘do whatever you want’, you’ll only be every truly free in a place where there are no other humans. Like Mars. For now…

  9. Are you kidding me?

    Canada land of the free?

    Why the hell does the CRTC tell me that I can’t subscribe to american satellite TV or satellite radio? Why is the CRTC banning me from watching foreign based satellite TV? Who is the Canadian govt to tell me what to watch in the privacy of my own home? That is what the soviets used to do.

    Yeah, Canada sure is “the land of the free”. Free to watch whatever TV they approve of.

  10. Ironic that I just read your comment coming back from my sister’s house where they were watching American satellite television. I’ve also got Al – Jazeera on in front of me right now.

    I feel so sorry for you, not being able to watch whatever channel you want. I’m sure kids who get their arms cut off in Saudi Arabia for stealing food or adolescents making pennies an hour in Asian sweatshops share your pain.

    Re-think your definition of freedom.

  11. You are one ignorant person.

    In case you’re not familiar with the CRTC. Let’s give you some knowledge.

    #1. It is ILLEGAL to subscribe to ANY American satellite TV service. So, your sister is breaking the law and is a criminal under Canadian law.

    #2. Did you know that there are literally hundreds of American and other foreign television channels that are purposely made “unavailable” to you by the Canadian Government and CRTC?

    #3. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in the late 90’s that federal broadcasting law prohibits Canadians from gaining access to direct-to-home satellite TV signals from providers other than bell expressvu and star choice.

    #4. The CRTC and the government have taken it upon themselves to decide what is okay for you to watch and what you can’t. The CRTC’s so called “white list” contains all the American and International channels that can be distributed in Canada. And all the other channels that aren’t on it are forbidden to you as we, as Canadians, are obviously considered too dumb by our government to choose for ourselves what we should watch and so the decision is made for us like we are a bunch of preschoolers.

    If we have the ability to watch a program on television and we want to watch it in the privacy of our own home, then we should be able to do so! Without any governments or corporations declaring us a lawbreaker!

    Silly me I was also under the impression like others who posted that we lived in a free country, but that also is proving to be a fallacy.

    We do not need government minions and functionaries to decide what television my children and family can watch.

    We have spent the last 40 years telling the Russians it was immoral to block broadcasts but yet our government is doing the exact same thing here in Canada!

    As “free” people, Canadians should have the right to choose what we watch in the privacy of our homes. We should not be forced to watch CBC simply because a government agency has decided that CBC is better than USA network and so USA network is purposely made unavailable to you.

    #5. Why in the hell am I not allowed to PAY for HBO and subscribe to Dish Network or DirecTV which offers programming THAT I WANT TO WATCH and PAY for. Why in the hell does the Canadian government protect bullshit Canadian programming and Canadian artists if they cannot compete against their American counterparts and which results in me having to watch INFERIOR entertainment ? If your product is INFERIOR and weak compared to something else, either get better or I will refuse to pay to watch it. I don’t want a government to limit my freedom to watch TV in order to protect garbage.

    #6. Your idiotic comparison of islamic countries which are uncivilized is laughable and quite sad. Canada has a constitution which ensures freedom for all, freedom of choice and expression:

    Section 52: The Constitution is the supreme law of Canada, and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the constitution is, to the extent of the inconsistency, of no force or effect.

    2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

    (a)Freedom of conscience and religion;
    (b)Freedom of thought, belief opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other means of communication;
    (c)Freedom of peaceful assembly; and
    (d)Freedom of association.

    Perhaps our government feels that they are not subject to constitutional provisions. You be the judge. Clearly they are trying to discourage International competition, protecting the cable monopolies and hiding it behind “Canadian Culture” excuses. Guess who is a major donor to the Liberal party of Canada? That’s right: Bell. Guess who wants to open up the markets and ALLOW competition which benefits canadians?? That’s right: the Conservatives.

    So yeah, keep watching your Al-Jazeera bullshit propaganda. It shows you are quite uneducated on facts of life and live in a made up world as what Al-Jazeera depicts on their propaganda network.

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