Where’s the Equality?

Whether you think Belinda Stronach was right or wrong to defect from the Conservative party to the Liberals, surely she deserves the same amount of respect as any male politician?

With her ex-fellow conservatives calling her an attractive dipstick, a whore and a prostitute and the National Post referring to her decision as a Blonde Bombshell I start to wonder if it’s possible for women to be taken seriously in Canadian politics.

3 thoughts on “Where’s the Equality?”

  1. Happy birthday, man! You never told us how old you turned, lol.

    Sorry I have nothing to comment about this entry, I’m just a 14 year old not involved in politics.

  2. You have to wonder if that was the same patronizing attitude that drove her from them to begin with? The Conservatives take great pains to point out how open and inclusive they are and yet at the same time get much of their power base from people hostile to the notion of equal rights for women, gays, or ethnic minorities. They’ve already shown with Scott Brison that gays have no place in that party, and now we can consider that a lot of women don’t either, if they’re going to take that retrograde attitude about it.

    They dismiss her at their peril.

  3. Politics, business, I can’t disagree with you. And it is so much worse for her because she is attractive. Aren’t charisma, charm and yes, good looks often much sought after qualities in male politicians? She does deserve the same amount of respect as other politicians, but then again, maybe if she isn’t taken seriously, she will be able to hear things that another may not and she can play it to her advantage.

    I hope we see good things from her.

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