Family randomness

My Mum is currently in Portugal, probably drinking “screaming orgasms” with “the girls”. I think it’s a second childhood thing.

My Dad just had an operation on his wrist. I’ve yet to find out why.

My Brother is a policemen in the Met, and just passed his response driver test. So if you’re in London and see a police car hurtle past with lights and siren going and a skinny lad grinning in the driver’s seat, it’s probably him.

My Sister is in the middle of a paramedic training course, currently inflicting her bedside manner on patients in various departments of her local hospital. I guess all those visits to A&E in her youth had an effect.

My Mother-in-law just spent the weekend practicing sleeping with her friends. Best not to ask.

So now I have to ask, in a terribly transparent attempt at getting more comments, what are your family up to?

4 thoughts on “Family randomness”

  1. Your comment, Jen, reminds me of a story of a devout Christian woman who was convinced that God was read and loved her at the age of 5. Why? Because she realized that it was God that had given her a clitoris.

    Hey, you started it.

  2. since you want comments…..

    My sister cooked a dinner for her Lion’s club meeting and is quite proud of the results.

    My brother’s are both electricians and work a lot.

    My parents were on a tour of the maritimes and stopped in to visit. While here, we took them to see Star Wars one night and rock climbing the next. My parents are cool.

    I have no idea what my inlaws were doing, but I won’t ask if they were sleeping with their friends. I don’t think it will score points. Does your MIL read this?

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