The CBC thing

In case you didn’t listen in to CBC this morning, here’s the scoop:

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in the dentist’s chair, trying to listen to CBC Daybreak over the top of the buzzing of the teeth polishing gizmo. I heard mention of a de-clutter competition, the winner of which would win the services of a personal organiser for a day to clean up the messiest room in their house. I immediately thought of Jen‘s office, so when I got to work I sent an email to enter the competition.

Last week Jen got a call from Sonali Karnick to say we had made it into the final four contestants, and that she was coming over in 45 minutes to see the dreaded office. She arrived, explored the office, recorded us, paper noises, bubble wrap and the singing hamsters then went on her way.

This week they are featuring the four finalists, and today was our day. Jen has a great radio voice, I think she should get a job in radio. The singing hamsters made it on air too.

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