Recent past and near future

Friday: We walked over to Cara and Tyler’s for an evening of good company, fine food, and Euchre. It was the guys against the ladies, and I’m pretty sure the guys won. We also took every opportunity (bathroom breaks etc.) to fit in a Magic game.

Saturday: We drove up to the country to celebrate Richard and Elisabeth’s 30th wedding anniversary. The party was at nearby friends of theirs, Candice and Brian, in a very cool house by the lake. We were joined by Nina and Luke and their two boys Eden and Gus. We enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, a delicious paella with salad and asparagus and a chocolate and raspberry cake that I only had room for about two mouthfuls of. Richie and Ebie were regaled with poetry and Eden and Gus kept us all amused.

Sunday: We had a belated birthday brunch/lunch for Jen, with pancakes and bagels and gifts of cushions, serving dishes and a wind-up penguin. It was a beautiful day so we went walking, then Richard, Eden and I went and re-tapped one of the maple trees and took a look around Luke’s sugar camp.

Sunday night: After coming home from the country, we headed out to Concordia University for Jen’s Dad’s 72nd birthday celebration. George thought he was coming to a student film festival, so he was quite shocked when he walked in and got a big “Surprise!” from all his family. It wasn’t a complete lie though, as Jen’s brother Julian had prepared a 45 minute documentary on George’s life for us all to enjoy. Jen was in tears by the end of it.

Tuesday (tomorrow) morning: We will be featured on CBC Montreal’s Day Break some time between 6:30 and 8:30 am.

10 thoughts on “Recent past and near future”

  1. I will confirm, we girls won 3 games to 2. Of course we could always have a rematch! I’m glad you liked the pie. I’m still giddy from that sugar-fest in a tin that you brought over.

    6:30 am??? I’ll forgo my usual CHOM morning rock for our local celebs.


  2. OOh. Congrats on winning, guys. Don’t worry ladies, you’ll get them next time! Whoo!

    A belated celebration is better than none, right? Right. Happy birthday again Jen!

  3. I heard Jen on the radio this morning. Wow, you guys had Sonali Karnick in your house and everything. Of course I was thinking “We’ve been to their house. Where exactly is this clutter they speak of?” But then, I never saw the office.

    So, do we as listeners get to vote? I could stuff a few ballot boxes for you.

  4. I’ve never actually heard the dancing hamsters until this morning. Now I’m going to have ‘eye of the tiger’ as sung by a hamster in my head all day!

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