Doctor Who Rocks!

We watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who last night. I was very worried it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but I think it exceeded them. Chris Ecclestone is superb as the enigmatic Doctor and Billy Piper wasn’t any worse than some of the past assistants. The story line was classic Doctor Who, with cheesy special effects to match.

The best thing about Doctor Who was always that it didn’t take itself seriously, and this series looks like no exception. The fight with the plastic hand was wonderfully slapstick, and the wheelie bin incident was straight from the Tom Baker days. My favourite piece of dialogue:

Rose: If you’re an alien, why do you have a Northern accent?
Doctor: Lots of planets have a North.

My only disappointment: the old shows were always multiple part stories, leaving the Doctor in impossible-to-survive situations at the end of each episode. This episode didn’t have that, but maybe that was because it was the first one.

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  1. CBC, Tuesdays, 8pm.

    The implication in the first episode is that the Doctor has just regenerated, but it’s a completely new storyline, new assistant, funkier looking TARDIS. The TARDIS is still temperamental, the Doctor still uses his sonic screwdriver to get out of scrapes and he’s still passionate about looking after us silly humans.

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