Foodie Weekend

Despite the fact that Jen got sick on Thursday and is still sick, we still managed to have a busy weekend.

On Saturday we had Shatnerian and One Wanton Chickie over for dinner and a movie. We had curried sweet potato soup (onions, celery, sweet potato, curry spices, stock, coconut milk, cilantro) with croutons to start, followed by roasted pork loin with potato cakes and asparagus bundles (an old favourite for new friends).

We finished off the meal with blueberry dumplings: Throw some blueberries into a big saucepan with some sugar, a little water and a pinch of ginger and boil for 5 minutes. Make a stiff batter from white flour, buckwheat flower, brown sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, a tablespoon of butter and some milk. Gloop tablespoonfuls of batter on top of the blueberries then cover and simmer for about 25 minutes.

After dinner we watched Roman Holiday. I’m not a big fan of old movies, but I quite enjoyed it, especially with the MST3K style commentary that sprung up occasionally.

On Sunday we had Richard, Phyllis, Sarah, Clare, Luke and Granny over for a family lunch. We finished off the soup then had a big anti-pasti selection of salami, mortadella, roast pork, provolone, mozarella tossed in olive oil and capers, olives, sundried tomatoes, grilled asparagus and peppers, salad, roasted garlic and lots of bread. For dessert we enjoyed strawberries, ice cream, cookies and Richard’s peach and custard tarts. Quite a feast!

4 thoughts on “Foodie Weekend”

  1. Sorry about Jen getting sick. I’ll keep her in my thoughts.

    Oh man, I just had dinner and I’m getting hungry all over again! Grr 😛 Looks like a good movie, I might go rent it and watch it. I’m very picky about old movies, thats why I don’t watch them really. Oh well. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  2. I’ve known you for 6 years and how many times have you cooked for me? I’m so dismayed.

    Get your ex-pat ass over here and braise something for me.

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