Not Missing England

Shawn prompted this post. I listed what I missed about England, now it’s time to list what I don’t miss:

  • Grey skies 300+ days per year.
  • The almost complete lack of seasons.
  • 56 million people crammed into a land mass several times smaller than Quebec.
  • Traffic that happens when 56 million people all decide to go on a day trip.
  • Astronomical cost of living.
  • Racism and xenophobia (but we get that from our neighbours to the South instead).
  • Welsh people (kidding! just kidding!).
  • The whole football obsession thing.
  • And cricket.
  • Boy bands.
  • Girl bands.
  • Cliff Richard.
  • Tony Blair.
  • Birmingham.

6 thoughts on “Not Missing England”

  1. I was always in denial about Birmingham. It didn’t really exist.

    Apart from the one time during Euro 1996, When Scotland played Switzerland at Villa Park there, and Ally McCoist scored a 25 yard screamer to win the game.

    I miss football too.

    There’s only one Lincoln City.

    Speaking of the Welsh? Have you read my page today. It will explain to the world exactly what you mean.

  2. Although I miss the snow, I do not miss the -35C temperatures in January. I don’t mind rainy winters in England – you don’t have to dig your car out of the rain or shovel it off the driveway, you can cycle to work 365 days a year, and I’ve never had to wear a winter coat or boots since moving here. On the other hand, the distinct lack of summer is a bit crap.

  3. What I didn’t miss after studying in London for a semester were:

    *Winter days where it was completely dark by 4 p.m.

    *The crushing crowds on Oxford Street in the morning and evening

    *Looking across the Thames and seeing smog on a sunny day

    *Only being able to see football (American) for one hour a week on a special BBC wrap-up show (although it was a good show)

    *Doing the exchange rate in my head before buying anything.

    But I do miss the way Tesco sold ten jelly donuts for a quid. Those were pretty good donuts.

  4. Not that you asked me, but my experiences in England left me liking bathtubs that actually fit the average person (not just their ass and feet), London men who don’t wear sweatpants in public, and the Bendicks mint chocolate assortment. What I didn’t fully appreciate were separate hot and cold water taps, whatever that Cornish shepherd said that day as he held an apparently unconsious lamb in his dirty arms, and consistently disappointing food in very beautiful and overpriced restaurants.

  5. Having never been to England, it is nice to hear all the likes/dislikes. I seem to only be able to relate to Lisa and the cold winter we have here (in Montreal), because we hear (complain?) about it all the time. ‘Tis something you have to learn to accept when you live here.
    Personally, I think it makes the summers that much greater.

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