Missing England

People often ask me if I miss England. To be honest, I don’t very much. Obviously I miss my family, but the country itself? I can take it or leave it. There are a few things I sometimes pine for though:

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  1. I am so completely in agreement of real ale in a real pub. I used to live 59 strides away from the Victoria in Lincoln. The finest CAMRA pub in the land. It was usually about 95 strides home.

  2. What, no mention of Branston pickle?! I remember someone saying that they found Irn Bru in Montreal – at Loblaw’s maybe? You can listen to Virgin radio online. Also, you can get Cadbury’s whole nut in Canada, just not in silly Quebec. Ditto decent fish and chips. You’re just not looking hard enough. 😉

    It is a shame they shut all the M&S shops in Canada…they do the best ready meals and chocolate biscuits. Let me know if you need a care package sent!

  3. I can get branston pickle here. I also didn’t mention PG Tips, because I’ve gotten used to President’s Choice tea bags.

    Nobody does Fish and Chips like the Brits.

    Listening to Virgin online isn’t the same, there’s something not right about listening to the lunchtime show at breakfast.

  4. At Hogg’s (hardware store) while having a particularly anglophilic moment, I picked up some foolishly expensive Typhoo tea for Kerry one day. They have a lot of British candy there as well. Didn’t notice any Cadbury Nut. The Maritimes provinces are a pretty good place to pick up British food as well (including Irn Bru).

    I was raised in Marks and Spencer clothes when I was a kid. It was mainly staffed by wives of the Glaswegian shipbuilders who came to Saint John to ply their trade. It’s a shame the stores closed.

  5. Oh oh oh. Ottawa. That’s where you can get Irn Bru. In the glass bottles.
    It’s made in Scotland. From Girders.

    You also can’t get Daddies Brown Sauce anywhere.

    What’s with that.

    Or “Next” clothing.

    Seems that George made it. George from Asdas?

    I still own a couple of George shirts and a tie.

    This is an almightily random posting.

  6. Yes I miss Next. It was safe. You could buy anything in Next and it would be OK. Fashionable enough to make you not look like a complete loser, but not so uber-trendy that you look like a fashion victim. They even had stuff that fitted me right.

    I still have my Next jacket. Unless one of the arms falls off I’m never throwing it away.

    Thankyou George.

  7. You can get PG Tips in Montreal – or at least, you used to be able to. Provigo in NDG used to carry it, as did IGA near Atwater. Which really hacked me off when I paid pounds sterling for PG Tips tea on one of my trips to the UK, brought it back, and found it at my local supermarket. Bah.

    Procrasto, the only brown sauce is HP, in my humble opinion. 😉

  8. Hey there guys, just caught your thread and having been in Scotland all of last summer and missing it quite a bit wanted to know if there’s any news on the availability of Irn Bru in Montreal. I’ve only found one scottish bar here and there’s no Bru on the menu. :( I had to go as far out as Ottawa (gasp) for some good ol’ fashioned haggis and Irn Bru.

  9. I haven’t seen it anywhere; maybe those Scots refused to produce it with bilingual packaging. I’d be interested to know where you found it in Ottawa!

  10. I have found that in Florida, one can get Irn bru, and Daddies and HP sauce.
    The trouble is, I’m in Arkansas, USA… But, I have found a source, yippeee!
    Daddies can be orderd cheaply by the case from Walmart Home office in Benton AR…. their buyers number (they said it was ok to give it out) is 1-479-273-4000.
    The USA bar-code for daddies favorite sauce is 7-01193-06020-7
    The USA bar-code for HP sauce, is, 7-01193-06021-4
    I’m guessing the the 01193 is sauce, and the other number is what sauce: that daddies, HP, etc.

    Walmart are sending me a case of daddies (GREAT), but I didn’t enquire about Irn Bru, sorry.
    Kind regards…Antony ( tonybradburyuk@yahoo.co.uk )

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