An Englishman in Canada

When I was going through the Canadian Immigration process five or six years ago (I’ve been here five years this month!), I kept an online diary which I later turned into a more useful resource for people considering emigrating to Canada. That page has been fairly dormant ever since, but it is still one of the most visited pages on my website.

I receive emails fairly regularly from people going through the immigration process, and I received a long one this weekend from a fellow Essex boy asking to know more about my experiences. That made me think maybe I should update the Canada page, but for now I’m going to blog about it.

My experiences as an immigrant in Canada have been nearly all good. The immigration process went smoothly, I settled in quickly with Jen, found work, got married, bought property, all things that have made me very happy. Apart from the occasional language issue (which is more my fault for being incredibly useless at learning new languages), I haven’t encountered any anti-immigrant sentiment. Maybe that’s because I’m a WASP male, who knows.

I only have one real regret about the time since I’ve been here. When I arrived in January 2000 I basically stayed in the apartment for the first few months. I guess I was a little nervous about venturing out into that new and strange world. I really wish I’d gone out there, explored the city, used that time before finding a job to immerse myself in my new surroundings.

After that initial reluctance though, I have been out there, I know the city fairly well now. I’ve joined clubs, taken courses, found pub quizzes to take part in, made new friends, discovered the local blog community and generally had a very good time.

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  1. Oh yes, pub quiz tonight, we’re out to kick some maroon butt.

    Graffiti answer post coming shortly, well, before the end of the day; I’m trying to decide how long to make you suffer for.

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