The loot

Both of our downstairs trees were completely surrounded by piles of presents when the opening ceremonies began. On top of that, everyone had stuffed stockings too so it was a gift extravaganza. It took two sittings to get through it all, but there were 15 of us so I’m not feeling too guilty. My loot included:

  • Northern Exposure season 2 on DVD
  • Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2 on DVD
  • Blood Simple on DVD
  • A Dido CD
  • A Norah Jones CD
  • Various tools and implements required for my upcoming woodworking course (Jen called the instructor to find out what I needed!)
  • An orbital sander
  • Much chocolate and candy
  • Two sweaters from Mum in England
  • Some books from Kim, the Book Goddess
  • Magic cards
  • The America book by Jon Stewart

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