In-law festiveness

We went to visit my father-in-law George and his family (wife Mary, sons Julian and Stephan) today, arriving an hour early as we always manage to do. We chatted with Julian and Stephan while George and Mary ran around preparing a smoked salmon and bagel brunch. Dan, Susan and baby Simon arrived at noon and we all dug in to the delicious food. George always buys Boddingtons when I’m visiting, so I had a good beer too.

Mary is making a movie about George, so a lot of the rest of the afternoon was spent being directed by Mary while she or Julian operated the video camera. Apparently it was very important not to show any snow views because the movie was a “fall movie”. Not sure what that was all about… We all got interviewed with tricky questions like “George is Hungarian, what do you think about that?” and “How much influence has George had on Jen?”.

Simon was a happy smiley baby nearly the whole time, only getting tired as we were leaving. He did jump out of his skin several times at George’s barking ebullient laughter though.

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